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  • (FxAnyone) Looking for a harem anime protagonist~!

    Let's rp a harem anime!

    I'm looking to play a cast of women in a rp centered around the plot of a high school-based harem anime! Kaisei Academy has a wonderful colored cast of ladies each based on the most popular harem character archetypes, from the strict and straightforward student council president (just waiting to be put in her place) to the clumsy cutesy girl with a chest size similar to her head, there's a little something here for everyone.


    The protag of this school, whether male or female, is a generally fine person who gets good grades, has an okay appearance, and coincidentally can give an entire school's worth of girls the best fucking of their lives. Maybe it's their dick size, maybe their cum has addictive properties, maybe they're an alien disguised as a high schooler, but whatever it is, the moment they've slept with a girl, that girl is addicted. The biggest issue is getting them open enough to sleep together in the first place.

    (Also, as a side note, your character just has to have personality. Whoever they are is all up to you, but if I have to play with another character that's just Kazuya Kinoshita or has no redeeming/fun qualities, I'll drop out pretty quick.)


    The line of progression will be as follows, though of course changes can be made if you want!:

    Enthusiastic, flirty BFF -> Ditzy, air-headed girl -> Shy, quiet type -> Serious nerd girl -> Half-Sister -> New Underclassman -> Student Council President -> Bonus Boss!


    I'm all open to most kinks, and each girl has different kinks and opportunities to use and exploit, but there are a few kinks that don't have a place in this Academy. Rape and even dub con are something to be avoided, where's the challenge in building a rapport with anime girls if you're just going to force them open? All characters will be in the age range of 16-18 with the exception of the underclassman, and this includes the protagonist.

    If you ask the girls you've already slept with to have a little fun with each other without you doing anything, I do ask you take control so I'm not just role playing with myself.

    Now, with all of that out of the way, let's play!

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