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  • (FxM) The Pantheon of Demigods

    Throughout the Dawn of Time, the Gods have frequently interacted with their mortal counterparts though in several different ways. Several demigods have been created through these frivolous interactions and each have made a clan that represents the gods that have conceived them. In the time of swords and arrows in Medieval Europe, these clans play an important role as powerful knights and warriors for several countries. Here are the gods to be named:

    House Archion: Dedicated to the God Archion, the god of Archion is known for being the god of intelligence. His children are quite adept at leadership roles and are often taking part in wars as commanders and engineers.
    House Callem: Dedicated to the God Calleminius, he is a god known for his unrivaled strength. His children are known for making the best warriors and knights heralding power only which their family members can beat.

    House Nobius: Dedicated to the God Nobian, he is a god known primarily as the god of the underworld. Although he is not inherently evil his children are known to be the most cunning and charismatic people which has attributed to a negative image of the god.

    House Quesar: Dedicated to the god Cesar, the god of Quesar is known for his speed and attention to detail. His children are primarily known as archers and field medics.

    Although each people of these clans share a blood relation with each other, they are often on different sides of war. This is primarily due to the fact they owe allegiance not to their fathers but instead to their country. 

    Medieval Europe is at a standstill, creeping into the dark ages many kingdoms and the important roman empire have collapsed. People are vying for power and glory, using the strength of the demigods as a crutch to achieve their goals.

    Hello!  Now that the plot has been established I just want to introduce myself... You can call me Ashe or Branch and I'm a roleplayer who indulges in SMUT and Story. With this story, there's room for both and I hope to do equal amounts of it. I primarily roleplay with a few sentences but fast replies, which this style I find really spontaneous and fun. I'll be playing a Female character from the house Archion, if you'd like to play the same I'm fine with incest. I prefer to be the Sub in the relationship but I can try my hand at being a switch if it isn't something you're comfortable with~. I'm very open to this roleplay and if you have any suggestions, say a god that you'd like to create or add in story elements be my guest!

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