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    On the esge of town theres a strip club. It's a bignestablishment filled with girls dancing for the hearts of men. Recently theybadded a hall of gloryholes wherre they send the girls to well suck cock for extra cash. Sonja petronov regarded as the most popular file in the establishment is placed in a small room more of a cubicle surrounded by glory holes much to her chagrin. If not shes dancing with so little on you might as well say shes.nudelarge.sonja_petronov___requested_by_hentaiblock_ddv31rw-fullview.jpg.f285ae1a1fd2e2ab2f1483b5304e9293.jpg


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    ((Reply to intro))

    [Having his arm tugged on by a friend]

    Noah: "Yuki wait. Where are we going?"

    Yuki: "Its a surprise. I can never get you to anywhere, but that ends today. I have a place for us."

    Kai: "Oh no. Another so-called place for us. I hope it isn't as bad, as the last one."

    Noah: "Kai. Please get him off me."

    Kai: "Sorry, I don't have the will."

      As they headed to the car, Yuki forced Noah into the passenger seat before heading around and getting into the driver's position. Slowly but surely Kai joined in the back as they made their way to the next location. "Why is it you're being so forceful without telling us anything?" Noah would say, feeling annoyed about being 'kidnapped'. "Oh, I told Kai. I just didn't tell you, I wanted to see your reaction." He'd mutter, chuckling in excitement. "Don't worry, I. looked into it. It's not bad." Kai would answer from the back, knowing it would help ease his nerves.

      Pulling into a parking lot, they all would head off walking toward the entrance. "A strip club?" Noah would then look to Yuki. "You can't seriously angry... Unless." With a gasp, he'd grasp his chest as blue streaks appeared on his face. "Stop it, it's nothing like that. I just... don't like the thought of being teased without getting properly relieved it all. It's not allowed to do more with these dancers." He'd spout. "Not...in...here. Although I'm surprised your being so open about it. There's a place where you can get your dick sucked. I mean you're still paying for it though." He'd say, heading over with smiles on his face.

      "Alright, I'll give it a shot. Kai seems on board so, at the very least I'm trusting you two." Noah would say as they walked through the doors. "I was kidnapped. So I'm not paying." He'd say, entering while patting Yuki's shoulder. "I'll pay for myself Yuk. Let's go Noah." Kai would mention, as they walked through the crowd looking for the right girl to show support. Noah's eye wondering for one that looks his type, "The girls here, have nice bodies." He'd mutter, glad for there being a good chance of enjoying himself.

      "When do you want to head to getting it taking care of." Kai would whisper.

      "When there's something to get it taken care of. For now, let's find a girl to watch." He'd say, sitting under an empty seat as he waited for a girl o show.

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    Did I do this right? Or did I just over do it? I don't come to these often.

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    (( Well I can do pm) sonja blushes as she puts on her attire or lack there of she was practically naked its amazing this was considered clothed. She blusjed a nright red as she was led to her station

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    ((Just tell me when))

      As the next girl was getting ready to come out, Kai looked to Noah gesturing for him to get his money ready. "Where's the 'ATM'?" He asked, knowing he more than likely didn't bring enough to make anyone happy. "Its in the front." Kai would shout, trying to get him to hear him over the music. While making his way to go get money, he'd hear people getting loud as the next girl came out. Quickly grabbing his money he'd make his way back, taking back his spot as him and a few others started watching. The girl in question, came out wearing so little that everyone's interest was peaked.

      "She starting with so little clothes on, I can't wait to see where this goes." He'd mention, ready to find ways to give her some cash. Not before seeing what else she had to offer though. Watching her on entry to the stage, wondering where she would stuff his money at. Watching to see where the others would put theirs.

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    Sonja grips onto her pole everyone gawking at her ass and breasts, a russian folk songbplayed next to her ear eliciting a small twitch of her eye, she started to dance, not leaving much to the imagination. She hated this truly she did itnwas hard enough with a heavy coat covering her large chest but just with a very small bikini if it could be called that practicallynshowed everything. To the audience the cold metal slid between her chestneliciting a slight jolt on her.

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    Watching her dance she seemed quite comfortable taking off her clothes for them to watch, clearly a 'pro' at dancing in the limelight. Continung to watch her every move, Noah would occassionally throw a few dollars her way. Leaning back in his chair he'd sigh heavily. Not use to places like this, looking at such things with dirty thoughts felt strange in a crowd of people.

    Kai: "What's the matter Noa?"

    Noah: "Nothing its great. Its just a little weird watching this kind of stuff with people. On top of that, its not wise to let myself get carried away. Looking... knowing I can't touch is kind of a bummer."

    Kai: "Well if you tip big enough, who knows... Maybe you'd get a 'private' show?"

    Noah: "They don't offer such services, that much I do know. I watch just enough stuff that says so, so 'no'. I won't be falling for that." He'd say as he'd turn his attention back toward his favorite dancing girl.

    Kai: "If you say so Noa... Try not to get too hard while watching, or ateast hide well." He'd chuckle as he left to check out other dancers.

    Noah: "Shut up man, as if I could with all people around." He'd mumble, as he'd blush before taking another sip of his drink.

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    sonjas eye blushes as twirls on the pole itself her view upside down before off came the top on her chest her breasts now free to the viewers in the audience

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