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    I have two harpy ocs I can use in this. One a full blooded harpy, the other a hybrid of a human and a harpy. But I’ll write the plot line. 
    Harpies are known for causing trouble. Stealing crops and livestock, damaging the rooftops of homes, and scaring off any prey in the woods. The humans (or another fantasy species) have had enough. They began to train men and women alike to start hunting these threatening creatures. And it went off on a hitch! Many were slaughtered and the conditions of the town seemed to brighten. That was until, harpy breeding season. During this time, the males huddled down while the females grew increasingly more aggressive. This meant it was harder to hunt them down without loosing a limb. But, the town had figured out a weakness for them. For the females, catch them during breeding season with a weighted net. Sedate them, then breed them. With the female harpies being more fertile, they could breed out stronger hybrid children for the future of the town. They could have a purpose rather than them having to kill the harpies. 
    My character would be a female harpy. And you can play whichever character you please, and whatever species you’d like to as well!

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