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    Wealth, glory, war.

    Leaving your barren home in Scandinavia, pursing your own lands to find prosperity and land, you followed your Jarl across the North Sea to invade the island that will one day be known as England. Where weak and cowardly Saxons hoard wealth, giving up the old ways for a new God that has reduced them to such a sorry state. Through loyal service to your Jarl in his conquest, you have been granted land to rule as his vassal and to gain the gold you've fought hard for. To secure the legitimacy of your rule and to ensure co-operation of the locals, you've been advised to take the daughter of the previous earl as your wife, a reportedly beautiful young woman with no family left after battling you and your company. How will you treat her, how will you rule? Will you violate her the first night you can, reducing her to an object to fulfil your desires? Will you learn to love of the local ways and customs, convert and consummate a religious marriage in the sight of a Christian God? Or perhaps something in between.


    Does the above idea interest you? If so, let's go a bit more into myself and the RP! I write exclusively in third person, and I prefer roleplays in the range of 1 - 3 paragraphs per reply dependent on the situation. I enjoy short terms RPs as well as long, so if you just want to jump into a rough tumble on the wedding night, that's cool! That being said I am actively looking for a longer term RP where we explore this culture clash, maybe go through a non-con to con (i really like this) dynamic. I want to do this seriously, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be historically accurate. Something that inevitably comes up in political marriage type stuff is pregnancy, and whilst I don't mind impregnation and breeding as kinks, I hate roleplaying as a pregnant character so expect that to be the point where the roleplay ends, or we do a big timeskip. I don't mind adjusting the scenario based on planning with you, I can imagine throwing in some twists on the concept and it still works - maybe your character betrayed his viking friends and he's a vassal to the Saxons, maybe your character is a futanari shield maiden. I'd also very much like to expand it for more stuff as we proceed, maybe my character was betrothed before the conquest and there's a man wanting to kill your character and take her back, maybe you hate the jarl and plot to replace him.


    Anyways, if you're interested, please DM me and give me any ideas you've got, things you liked from this post, or questions you've got about the idea! I'd love to talk out some plans and see what can be cooked up. I'm going to ignore any responses in the thread, DM's only please!

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