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    Couldn’t think too much of a unique name for this one, but concept will be during the Horizon game. Pretty much, with the evil robots going around and causing havoc, their secondary function started to kick in. The function revolves around breeding. It was first made just Incase if something were to happen and humans slowly start to die out, but now being used to fuck the females out there, breed them where they would get out of their way. Either one of a few things can happen. 

    Corruption: This will kind of lead for a “Bad End” type of rp. Pretty much, Aloy will be traveling while battling the machines. Though of course they would defeat her and start to fuck her senseless. Even though they cum inside of her, they won’t stop as they would breed her over and over again. They would end up taking her back to their stronghold where they would hold her captive and breed new humans. It can continue there of her unable to escape and forever breed, or we can restart to before she loses and goes to another battle with a different robot to lose and breed. 

    Wholesome: Since Aloy can hack the machines, she ends up taking control of a machine that she grew close with. Ends up deciding to indulge in her female urges to fuck one of the machines, but ends up not knowing if it’s secondary function of impregnating females. Ends up getting impregnated but cannot stop using the machine. Eventually, she ends up slowly falling for the machine since it can provide everything for her, including a family. 

    Casual: It can either be a defeat or using her own captured machines to fuck. But pretty much when she fucks the machines, she doesn’t get any attachments for them. Although, she still ends up getting impregnated. So each time she has a child, she goes to a tribe that’ll watch her children to only go out and do the same over and over again. Granted, still not too wholesome but still expect her to come back to her kids to be a mother lol. 

    Of course as always, always up for other ideas that revolves around it! Let me know!

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