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  • How about some Tasty Wakfu?


    Alright, so this is my serious recruitment thread.

    I was looking at Wakfu images the other day and I started feeling the urge to roleplay in this wonderful, mystical world.  Ideally we would play a timeline separate from what is canon ( I feel like it let's us do more without things getting muddy and weird ) and would be more story-driven, but there can still be smutty stuff.

    I don't have any kind of glorious epic plotlines at the moment, so I was thinking the basic rundown might be:

    --Can be just a duo or a small group of adventurers brought together against a common foe.  As they traverse the world to take on this foe and undo the wrong he/she has done, they could uncover secrets/mysteries that reveal a more sinister plot.  Maybe someone plots to ascend to godhood and remake the world, maybe someone crazed that seeks to ruin the world so that neither Gods nor Mortals can mess with it, yada yada yada.

    So i'm hoping there's someone or someones out there that have been looking for someone to roleplay this world with.

    Comment here or Message me.  xD



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    Bump for now.  
    Re-watching Wakfu again and it's stirring up some cravings.  I'll update this post and make it look fancier soon.  Clean it up and post some plot ideas.  Got a basic one for a cult that needs to be stopped.

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