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    So I’ve had a small and simple idea bouncing around in my head and why not finally put it up. Basically the premise would be that the guy character would have a goal to accomplish but whenever they try to do something it always ends up in sex. Like it could even be as simple as something as I’m going to take out the trash. (Silly I know). Of course I can provide examples and this idea can translate to some fandom roleplays as well, or you know keep it original, totally up to what you would want.


    I’m gonna be a Pokémon master and I’m going to make sure I have an actual Pokémon battle with her.

    *later in bed with the gym leader*

    damn it.


    Evil witch! Taste the blade of justice! I will slay you once and for all.

    *cut to later in bed with her after sex*

    For fucks sake it happened again.


    It’s kinda something fun that’s been bouncing in my mind and it could be fun with what we come up with, hell we could even make a huge adventure out of it.

    i would prefer to play the male in this. If you are interested shoot me a message and if not thanks for reading.

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