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    Synopsis: It all started on his 18th birthday. Before that, he had been a normal guy. He went to school. He got decent grades. He participated in school activities. He worked a part-time job. He stayed out of trouble. He had plans to go to college and get a good job. But that all changed on his birthday. Now, he started feeling the urge to stay up late at night. To walk around in the darkness. To stare at the moon as the full moon comes closer day by day. To eat his meat more raw than before. Ever since he came of age, his urges have started to change and take more control of him, and he doesn't know how much longer he'll be in control of himself, before...before he changes again. For good this time, perhaps.


    So this was an idea that just came to mind earlier that I thought I'd float out and see if anyone would be interested in playing out with me. If you can't tell, the idea is pretty inspired by the likes of Teen Wolf - movie or the series either one - and that's sort of the tone I'm imagining for this too, despite the rather grim synopsis blurb: something with a good mix of horror, supernatural action, and hopefully some comedy for levity and some sexual fun as well (whether this involves the werewolf form for sex or not is open to discussion).

    The character I have in mind that's suffering from his first transformations into a werewolf is fairly fluid and open to discussion, as is what sort of character I'd be playing opposite hopefully. Would you be his girlfriend, or a girl he likes? A female relative? A teacher or fellow student? Another werewolf? A monster hunter? Some other sort of supernatural creature? A childhood friend? Some sort of mixture of any of these? The skies the limit, I'm super curious what someone will come up with if anyone's interested.

    I'm more than willing to play this out with more than one person, so if anyone is interested at all, please EcchiText me at your leisure. 🙂

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