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  • Hyper Pregnancy and Excessive cum (M seeking F)

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    I'm just gonna flat out say it, I wanna do a hyper pregnancy rp! That means one where MC impregnates YC with upwards of 10+ babies at a time, usually involving excessive amounts of cum.

    The story: "In a world plagued by a deadly virus, the human population dropped from 8 Billion down to less then 2 Million. The remaining survivors managed to find a cure for the virus, but it came at a cost; roughly 3/4ths of the population were left sterilized by it. Seeking to fix the remedy, and with a ticking clock, the brightest researchers in the world managed to find a solution. Through brutal testing and rather unethical means, they found a way to increase the fertility of select individuals by a million fold, thus creating a new species of human: The Breeder. A Male breeder can impregnate any female of any species, and have it produce a perfectly healthy hybrid. A Female Breeder can mate with any sperm producing male regardless of species and sperm quality, insuring a large and healthy brood every time. In a matter of 5 years the human population boomed, reaching over a billion thanks to the Breeders and some rather relaxed laws on what was acceptable to do in public. The problem soon arose however when 2 Breeders got together, they were able to produce nearly a dozen children in a single pregnancy, all of which possessed the breeder genes as well, meaning that they were twice as potent as their parents. This continued on for several generations, quickly reaching the point to where Breeders made up nearly half the population, with each generation growing more virile then the one before it. Soon laws were enacted to prevent breeder relationships, with those failing to comply being imprisoned or even executed. Many went to ground, hiding among the normal population, trying their best to blend in and resist their genetic urge to breed. Many get by using sex bots and farming out their services to normies who are having trouble reproducing, but others long to find a proper breeder mate and do what they're genetic code begged them to do." So in a nutshell I'm looking for a lady to play a female breeder doing her best to try a obey the law, but eventually giving into her base desires to be bred and accidentally getting with a male breeder played by my character.

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    2 minutes ago, Kai Ichimasu said:

    Shoot me a message and we can discuss!

    I would, but, I’m still trying to figure out how to use this website. I’m very new to this, lol. If you could send me a private message, that would be super helpful!

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