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  • I wanna get Tickled (Cyber Foot Stuff Edition)

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    Hey, it's been a while, but I'm still on my usual shit, offering up foot fetish RPs to all the cultured people on this wonderful site. Today is a little different from my previous posts. I'm looking for someone into Tickling, and more specifically, Tickle Torture, and I mean genuine, unbearable sensations on my soles. It's obviously not limited to just that, as I'm up for other foot fetish stuff, I'd just like to include it, plus a few other things like Bondage, Itching Powder or Oil, Itchy Socks, and whatever else you feel is appropriate.

    I'll be playing a Submissive Female, I'm not picky on what my potential partner plays. I do have a few plots and ideas, but feel free to share your own as well. I'd share here, but I don't like to drag this on too long. If you're interested, hit me up, we'll share ideas and hopefully come up with something we both enjoy.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Edit: Since I didn't draw too much attention, I figured I'd share the idea I'm most interested in doing since I've had more time to flesh it out.

    It would take place in the Cyberpunk Universe, or one very similar to it, but it will not be a Fandom RP, OCs only whether it be something you had in mind already or just made up on the spot. The gist of the RP is that I'm looking for someone willing to play a character who is absolutely obsessed with feet. Eat, sleep, and breathe feet. So much so that even the slightly Cybernetic enhancement for the feet/legs ruins it for them. Your character slowly gets more and more frustrated, unable to find the perfect feet they desire. That is until they meet my character with pure, untainted by metal, organic feet, and your character just can't let her get away. Cue the kidnapping and subsequent footplay where you do whatever you want to her poor feet.

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