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    So for these roleplays unless I state other wise I'll be playing a male character or characters and I'm looking for someone to play a female character or characters.

    1) Setting: Urban Fantasy- An odd ad appears in the classifieds section of the local newspaper looking for a discrete cleaner and house sitter preferably long term. Your character is intrigued by it and thinks that even if it ends up being something weird they can leave and have an interesting story... and it is a lot of money. The location is a mansion on the edge of town the kind that usually fosters rumors, but this one hasn't you barely remember it though you have seen it before. You approach and knock on the door. A tall, well dressed, and handsome (if some-what intimidating) man answers the door. 

    So this story takes place in essentially the modern day however there is a supernatural side to the world it's where all the legends and myths stemmed from. Your character and indeed most humans are unaware of this. So while your character might see signs pointing towards mine being a vampire they would dismiss such notions as ridiculous. As a general plot line I was thinking you'd be shown the house given a few days to get acquainted with it give you some chores while he's there and then he'd leave on "business" This is so I can do a bit of a revolving door with a few characters namely a werewolf and a dragon shapeshifted into a human form friends of the main vampire to look after her the first few times he's gone to ensure she's safe. Your character will gradually be exposed to the supernatural and hopefully be very curios and want to go along on what ever adventures perhaps your character has some latent magical talent they'd like to explore or they really just want to fight monsters that is up to you. as far as sex goes it'll be a slow burn (we might get to do something real quick with the werewolf if that's something you like) with romance and then ya know lots of sex.

    2) Setting Fantasy or Urban Fantasy My character a young man with magic powers tempted by your character preferably a succubus/demon girl (though I'm open to other ideas of course) This has got a lot of variety and we could do either a more typical fantasy setting or an urban fantasy setting. I think urban fantasy would be more interesting as my character would have to balance his normal life with that of the supernatural shenanigans going on and well having the demon girl intrude on that could be very interesting.

    3) Setting Sci-fi Two female or one female one futa (your choice as to who is which though I'd be more comfortable with the futa) space bounty hunters (a lot to discuss on the setting here; as far as my character is concerned I was thinking of doing a cyborg lady for cool robot arms, and also well ya know toys later down the line. ) both pursuing the same bounty separately, at first. It turns out to be much harder than expected (one of their ships is nearly destroyed so they end up on the same ship together) and they end up working together to complete the job and decide to stick together for until the the other can get their ship repaired. 

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