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  • It began as blackmail but became..more?

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Everyone heard the rumors about the gloryhole and the mega slut who gave the best blowjob all the boys and futas ever had. Hell, she let them fuck her bareback and even enjoyed it more than they did when pouring loads of cum in her tight cunt. What nobody knew was who this mystery slut was. Enter senior Heather McCowell, the head cheerleader of the futa cheer squad who aims not only try out this supposed mega sluts superb holes for herself but see if she can blackmail her with exposing her identity if she doesn't service her every sexual whim until she graduates at the end of the year.


    So the plot is pretty simple but I'm doing that on purpose so that the story can be built between myself and my partner. Your character is one of her female teachers who is in the gloryhole satisfying her students sexual needs for a reason of your choosing, toxic marriage and getting back at her spouse or she's being cheating on herself and this is the only way to get her own needs met sexually or what have you, and once Heather finds out you bet she is going to lord it over her teacher to be her fucktoy til the year ends and she graduates. But as time passes, both of feel something change, something neither should be feeling- they.. they're beginning to fall for the other. 

    Anything else plotwise and kink wise will.be discussed with my partner in ecchitexts

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