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  • League of Legends: A Star Guardian Dating Sim [ CLOSED ]

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    ¡Star Guardian Dating: Fiddlestick Descends!

    The unspeakable effigy of cosmic horror has set its sights on the Star Guardians. His horrific powers warp and twist reality around the monster, transforming Valoran City into a multi-dimensional prison...

    The worst part? None of the Star Guardians seem aware of their altered fates, trapped in a pocket universe, playing out their own scenario. You play a Star Guardian adjacent character - who due to a mysterious quirk has escaped the influence of Fiddlestick's world distorting abilities. It's up to you to collect the Star Guardians and free the 1st Star from the heinous forces distorting it.

    You might be asking, "If the First Star is corrupted, how am I suppose to save anyone?"
    The answer: Dating! Fiddlestick's power transformed reality into a game but it doesn't have to be a fighting game!

    You start in Valoran Academy. The campus the center of the splitting universes. The "Hub" that ties all these fragmented realities together and you must work your way through classrooms and Valoran City extended to woo the Star Guardians.  Jinx's Whacky Western World? Akali's Ninja Paradise? Meet up and save the team before reality collapses.

    Luckily, you're not alone! A mysterious voice (hint: it's a cowboy) is acting as your guide through the chaos.  Their magical cards popping up around campus to help you in your adventure. Each card packed with a new skill or unique ability to help you out!  Win the hearts of the Star Guardians and reclaiming the 1st Star might not be just a dream!

    Oh and Lulu's there.
    You're not sure why. Neither is Fate. But the more Guardians the better?

    Your Character:
    Sexuality: Straight / Bi / Gay
    Favorite Characters:

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    I am *very* interested in this! I'm also new here, so I apologize if this response isn't correct, let me know if I need to add anything!

    Your Character: Ekko, or I can design an OC if available

    Sexuality: Bi

    Favorite Characters: Sona, Ahri, Gwen, Lillia, Janna, Soraka, Lux, Jinx

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