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    Alright I'm doing this again, I'm still open to hearing some new ideas and trying new things, but I also have a bit if a vague idea I'd like to try out.


    "A rumor was going around school, it all started when the girls locker room flooded during gym class, apparently the drain to the showers had gotten clogged but the weirder thing was class was in session, which meant no one should've even been in the locker room let alone running the showers. The next incident happened in the library, a few students went to check out some anatomy books only to find them all glued shut so tightly it took a crow bar just to crack them open. The final straw was the wildest of all, the entire cheerleading squad, first, second, and third strings, all vanished for a full 3 days. They had gotten on a bus for a football game Friday afternoon, and didn't reappear until the following Monday. They had no memory of where they had been, but they all had this weird goofy expression on their faces and they were all missing their panties. Rumor had it the school was haunted, that it was a ghost responsible for all of the shenanigans, of course the faculty all denied it. They simply claimed the cheer squad had been behind the pranks, that it was just girls fooling around and causing problems. It seemed to be the end of things, the girls were punished but not to harshly, and things seemed to go back to normal. Well...at least until the pregnancies started." 


    Basically the idea revolves around a female character, either a student or a teacher really, looking into these weird occurrences before getting wrapped up in it herself. My character would be playing the troublesome ghost. I'm willing to discuss different options of course, this is just an outline really, so let me know if you're interested in doing this or anything else really. 

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