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  • Lewd D&D-like Session

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    There are a few concepts from DnD I will use as well as a homebrew rules that will give us a fun erotic adventure. It will be similar but not exactly like a normal DnD game, so it'll be much more simplified, no Character Sheets, no in-depth stats, etc. Just a Class, Name, and Picture of the character for reference is needed.

    The prompt is mostly for someone who is willing to do the role of Dungeon Master while I play as the women or female character(s) open for a messed up adventure. I am willing to do the Dungeon Master role myself if partner is willing to be open about what I suggest for the story and how it will generally unfold.

    Themes can contain: nonconsensual encounters, monsters, and other weird themes. I do draw the line at death and bad endings. We will have a reset tool/mechanic if things get dry.


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    I ran a game that sounds like this once. We used typical D&D type stats, but added new stats for "attractiveness" and "sex drive" to each PC, NPC and creature, as well as "Resistance Points" that were like HP. We added FEATs and skills for sexual prowess and specialized abilities, as well as sex-centric spells. Everyone also had between 1 and 5 "turn-ons" and "traits". The turn-ons operated like a weakness, and the traits were in direct relation to the turn-ons. So if you had a turn-on of large breasts, someone might have a trait of "large breasts" that was going to give them an advantage when seducing you. We rolled seduction like an attack, and once your resistance points were gone, you were fucking away like rabbits. 

    I built my character specifically to fuck her way out of every situation, and it was a super lewd, also quite amusing experiment. It didn't last long, but it was fun and funny while it lasted.

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    This sounds super fun. I’ve always wanted to try mixing DND with Lewd Rp. Because I’m quite basically a rookie in terms of DND I’d like for you to be the dungeon master. I’m quite open to anything you have in store my only ask is that I can play as a man/men because those are the characters I’m most used to in terms of RP

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