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  • Lil femboy/futa that can be sub, dom or both at the same time looking for futas, ladies or other femboys

    Title about sums it up, I've been rp-ing for a while, not exactly an expert and I still have to work on a lot of stuff, also English is not my first language so expect some mistakes. I can usually write 3 paragraphs in 5-10 mins if given enough to work with, but I'm not exactly the best at fleshing things out and usually try to avoid directing the other party's character(s). 

    I can rp most types of characters as long as they have a dick, not much experience trying as a lady since I don't know what it's like to have a pussy. I don't really care how many years you've been into rp or how many paragraphs you can write, I just wanna have fun and help you have fun in turn. 

    Haven't figured out an idea for an rp but since it's basically a free for all we can just go with something you've already planned out or something we invent together, all scenarios are fine as long as they're in my limits.

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    Alrighty final bump, gonna write something more creative next time, Idk about what tho but I'll probably have some ideas pinned down by then, anyway, obligatory eye count, 👁👁👁👁👁👁

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