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  • Looking for a female to help with some Role Play cravings

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I have three role plays that I would like to do if your interested. 

    Mom and Son- Your character is a mom who is waiting at a Halloween costume party for her husband. My character is the son who has a big crush on his mom and he gets a phone call from the dad saying that he will be working late and can’t make it to the party. The son decides to dress up as his dad and pretend to be him to make sure his mom has a good time. 

    Monster House- A married woman finds out that her husband of ten years was cheating on her, so she goes to a family members summer home that is in the middle of nowhere and finds that a group of six young monster guys have been hiding in it.

    Oni prince and Elf/Fairy princess- Don’t have much for this one but I was thinking that these two, whose races despise each other would have to meet over a problem that effects them both.

    Female space explorer/ last living member of a alien race
    Your a forward scout of a space exploration team that crashes on a unknown world and you meet the last of a alien race

    Cryptozooloigst/Young research partner
    Type-Erotic, Comedy, Action
    Your character is female cryptozooloigst who, Along with her cute but well endowed male partner, run into trouble with some mythical creatures.

    Famous Superheroine/New Sidekick
    Your character is A well loved superhero and she finds That a newly powered young man wants to be her sidekick.

    The Giant race is feared by humans because of their massive size and strength, but a young prince begins to learn that they may be nothing to fear when he makes a friend in a Giantess woman.

    New recruit and Sexy officer Adventures in Space
    A half alien young man, who has just passed the test for the Space Exploration team, that was made to research new planets, gets to join a crew. The Officer he works under is a hot, tease woman who loves meeting new types of life for some fun. And so beings his wild journey into the unknown.

    Post apocalyptic- A strange radiation from the sun caused bugs and a few other animal to mutate into bigger monstrous forms and we are two survivors that meet. 

    Incubus Heir- My character is unknowingly the son of a Incubus king from a different world that his mother had been transported to and came back from. He now is coming of age and his powers are starting to appear. Your character is a helper of the old Incubus king, who has disappeared. You are one of the few people who knows of the son born of the king and the human woman and you sense that he is ready to start learning about his Incubus side and to begin his training to be king, so you go to earth to get him.

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    Looking for someone to do this one but with a twist.

    Female space explorer/ last living member of a alien race
    Your a forward scout of a space exploration team that crashes on a unknown world and you meet the last of a alien race

    But I would play a male explorer and and my partner would play a female alien. Any ladies interested?

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