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  • Looking for a legal loli, and offering a few legal loli plots (MxF and FxM)

    Mini Magi
    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Hi there~

    Let's get straight to the plots.

    Lunar Dale, to fix what was broken.


    About 50 years ago, researchers discovered unique flora around a small village by the name of Lunar Dale. In their efforts to study them, however, one problem after another arose. Some of the nearby areas became inaccessible, and according to some report, some of the rare species went extinct. As a result, the researchers were blamed and chased out.
    Now, the daughter of the current mayor became sick, bedridden even. Hearing of this, the alchemist guild sent medicine right away, and only asked for a chance to negotiate in return. Accepting this, and a couple of weeks later, this resulted in one talented alchemist being chosen to pick up where his predecessors started, fix the damage caused, and restore a good relationship with the locals.
    Naturally, his protection would be taken care of too. The adventurer's guild would send a B rank adventurer to support him. A rank given to those who can handle strong monsters on their own, and regularly tackle dungeons. Buuuuuut. As it would turn out, an A ranker would be on the same carriage as him, and an obstacle in the way to demonstrate her prowess.



    Chloe B. Eizenberg
    A passionate soul, seeking something more than fame and fortune.
    While she doesn't share much about her, the guild does know at least that she is human despite some features that might indicate otherwise, and can tackle dungeons all on her own. The guild of course wouldn't confirm or deny any rumors about her, but some people state that Chloe looked like this even when now grown up adventurers started their careers.

    I want to be a maid!


    Okay, this one, I could use some help plotting with. Basically, I want to let someone be saved by this one, let her notice that the person they saved is a good person, and when asked how they could repay her, let her ask "Then... I want to be a maid!" His maid preferably.


    DDyUylu.png ZLgZFWc.png

    Charlotta Fenia
    Race: Harvin
    As if being a child of a human and harvin was not special enough, Charlotta was born with the potential to be the next Hero. But while this might sound great for some, for Charlotta it was... sad. Many things that happened in her life, even if some were good, were not her choice. The only good thing about her role is that the current demon lord is not attempting to conquer the land. So with relative peace already established, what Charlotta really wants is to make her own choices, follow romantic interests. Such as becoming a maid, live a quiet life, and fall in love with a kind master.

    One other starter Idea I have can develop into 3 plots depending on the loli of choice. We can plot out how each of them is found later, but because of how similar the nature of the starter is, which is to undo a seal, and hence get the attention of these girls.




    Name: Miyo
    Race: Yokai
    Abilities: Shapeshifting, fortune manipulation.
    While Miyo might be considered an evil spirit now that she was sealed, it wasn't always like this. She had a shrine dedicated to herself many years ago, where people would bring her  offerings. Food, coin, and service. But something beyond her control or influence happened. War began, and her former home is by now no more. And since the invading forces had n no interest in her shrine, it was instead destroyed, and her presence sealed away. Surprisingly however, she simply bides her time for now. Not to take revenge. Humans are short lived beings. The ones truly responsible are probably long dead by now. But instead, she waits to see what kind of person would be foolish enough to undo a seal so obviously hostile.

    Personality: In short, Miyo is much like a cat. A free spirit who likes exploring the world around her, laze around, and live an overall calm life with exciting moments in between. She considers humans her playthings, and used to occasionally find herself following interesting people, and bring them luck or misfortune. Sometimes she also tests humans by pretending to be a sleeping cat, just to see how they would treat an animal, and either reward or punish them for their actions.



    Name: "I forgot"
    Age: Ancient
    Race: Greater Vampire
    Background: Just as there are elves and high elves, there is also a genetic hierarchy within vampires, with high vampires considered the highest natural predator. One such high vampire lived many generations ago, and was blessed with an affinity for all elements of magic, an immortal body, and a resistance to sunlight. But just as politics can poison an entire empire, internal struggles resulted in an alliance formed to specifically kill that high vampire. Only to find out, they could not. But they could seal her away. Somewhere dark, hidden, so that her eyes may never see the world again.
    Or so was the plan. But so much time has passed by now, that the fortifications, the barriers and illusions finally faded. Time will tell what kind of person will find them.

    Personality: Despite the seals and warnings surrounding her coffin, the presence inside is actually not malevolent. Quite the contrary. Should one find and undo her seals, they are likely to come across a girl that simply wishes to not be alone anymore. Much of her original personality was lost by the long years of solitude, and she will need some time to re-adjust.


    One of my characters is even made for specifically this scenario~


    As for me looking for a legal loli: Pardon that my title isn't as expressive as usual, but maybe I should keep it simple for once. So... As you might notice from the plots above, I love legal lolies. So if you can write one too, I would absolutely love it if we could plot out something MxF. As for some details: My characters usually take guardian roles. Not as in parents, but people who can provide food and shelter for those who catches their interest.
    Lewdness can vary, and I'll adapt to your preferences. But I will say that I am inexperienced with full lewd roleplays, and don't have the heart to play abusive roles. I'm a softie. Sorry!


    Other than that, I think I'd just recommend checking my preferences. But in an nutshell: The craziest things I am into are tentacles, slime and bondage (maybe even all at the same time heh), I avoid extreme kinks (but don't let that stop you from asking), and my roleplays usually play in anime fantasy times.

    If I managed to catch your interest, either shoot me a PM or reply here. I don't really have a preference there. All that matters to me is that I want to make some good memories. So let's stick our heads together and see what comes out, shall we?

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    And did you hear some of the Sonic Frontiers OST yet? It's good! Here, have a listen while you scroll through for some other roleplays, or ponder if you wanna give this one a try.




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    Bump because I decided to add a plot. Fingers crossed for the good ol "give and ye shall receive".

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    Mini Magi

    Posted (edited)


    While I do like the plot previously offered, I don't quite feel that one after all. So? Update, with new plots, let's gooooo~

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