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  • Looking for a partner (Romance)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I have noticed a great LACK of romance! I'm looking for a few things so please bear with me~! I play female.


    Fandom- Satellite City 

    I'm looking for someone to play Ludwig for an OC x Ludwig rp. I know we're still waiting on more uploads but I'm also open to doing an OC x Bamforth/Whittaker!


    Now For My More Original Plots~!


    They're Only Human (MxF) (definitely inspired by the Death Note Musical song)

    Two primordial beings bound by duty to one another get bored of their lives above humans and descend to earth to sate their curiosity about life on Earth. One (M) could care less about the human race and is in fact infuriated by how pointless their lives are. How they could carry on blindly without question like toy soldiers. But he to admit, the little buggers are quite entertaining with how they quarrel and obsess over the littlest things. The other (F) shows a bit more intrigue into the day to day lives of the humans. How they've evolved from simple specs of dirt to building cities. She seems to admire all they've accomplished in such little time. Yet, at the same time, she is saddened by the idea of them having such short lives. 

    They take the form of humans to further integrate themselves and get a closer look at how things are on Earth. But, the longer they stay, she begins to drift from him. He had never seemed to care for her until she started to express more of herself. To see her come out of her shell more and thrive in the presence of these humans is more than frustrating as he realizes that she had never been that comfortable around him. They were meant to be a pair! Perhaps the loneliness and resentment he is feeling now, is what she had been feeling all this time..

    Will this cold-hearted god find a way to win her over?  

    *TW: These two are in an abusive relationship. Whether it's physical or not. 


    Aidoneus' Florist (M x F)

    Luno was well known for her floral arrangements and the beauty of the gardens she designed. She'd even be commissioned for gardens during festivals and some to be made for the gods. But one day Demeter hears someone say that Luno's landscapes are even better than hers and taking that as Luno saying it herself, Demeter takes offence and curses the girl to grow only be able to grow 'ghastly plants' and put together only 'horrific' arrangements. So now she's doomed to be known as Aidoneus' Florist.  

    Though she does not reside in the Underworld, she does make her deliveries, each one crafted with more care than than the last. They seem to grow close and even develop a more casual relationship during her visits; often with her staying for dinner or them going for a brief stroll through the palace. Things are looking good for the two of them....and then that goddamn Persephone shows up and ruins everything. Luno and Aidoneus are still great friends but he notices something is off about her. Perhaps when Persephone goes home for the Winter, they'll have the opportunity for a heart to heart?

    *TW: Possible cheating


    Devil Baby~ (MxF or FxF)

    Demons have been known to fall in love with humans, yadda yadda. It's FORBIDDEN but no one's really enforcing that rule so long as nothing comes of it. Like...say...a baby.  

    Let's find out what happens when a rough n' tough demon impregnates their human jailbait girlfriend!

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