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  • Looking for a pupil to become a potion brewer, or a mayor's daughter eager to learn new things (MxF, looking for F)

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I've had this idea in my head for a few days now, and figured I might as well try fishing for some interest. So? Let's set the scene!

    I plan to make my character move into a new location, start something new to speak, but I wanna make them move there with someone else. With your character in fact. But who is she? In a nutshell, someone who was dealt a bad hand. Maybe one of many slaves on a transport, on their way to the auction. Maybe their family was betrayed, resulting in her living on the streets since a while now. If you have other ideas, by all means, go for it. What matters is that I am looking for a character that has experienced the bottom of the barrel, and maybe with some hesitation, be interested in a chance to turn it all around. 
    There is also another role, but for that, you'll have to go to the spoiler section.

    The general idea of the RP is to have your character have a localized adventure. Main location would be the village in question, with the characters and the surrounding area to interact with.

    As for what I would like to provide for your character in the RP itself: A house, a guardian, multiple characters to interact with, and the most obvious of course is the skill to make potions to make a living.
    The village itself has a few special perks, but also issues, which led to the character I would play having to work there as doctor. And while he accepted, he would love to have more time to do his own things, which is why he is looking for someone eager to make something of themselves. Sure, he could just hire someone, but why spend money when he could just provide meals and a home instead?

    That aside, combat can be a thing too if you are into that. Some potions require monster drops after all. I can even sprinkle in a dungeon or two.

    Now a few spoilers:


    The place my character was ordered to is a village with 2 very unique properties. The first is that some unique plants grow there. Plants that are not found in any other corner of the world, and could be invaluable for various kinds of research. The second is the soil, which for some reason lets plants grow faster in the night.
    Years ago, a whole group of researchers, gardeners, alchemists, made their way to the village to find out what causes these effects. But their research backfired. Their effects caused some areas to become inaccessible, plant life to die out, and some flora to cease to grow. Enraged, the villagers chased them out. 

    The reason my character would suddenly be allowed to move there is the daughter of the mayor. She became sick some time ago, and while the local doctor is doing his best and does good work, getting better seems impossible. So the Mayor send out a request for a single, skilled healer. The adventurer's guild responded, and chose to send my character, who would work there as a doctor, if he was allowed to try to find out what went wrong with the previous research team.

    But he doesn't want to deal with all of that at once on his own. His time per day is limited after all, and this isn't supposed to take years. So the solution? An assistant. Someone he can teach how to make the simpler medicines and handle the easier cases, while he stays in reserve for the harder ones. While at it, he might as well teach her how to fight if she shows interest... and if she's cute, some other things too.

    As for the character, feel free to suggest anyone. But if you would like to know what I am specifically into: 


    An ideal case scenario would be a grumpy girl with trust issues, but enough smarts to know that this is a golden opportunity. Suspicious as Yul might be looking, if his offer is genuine, being able to make potions is a ridiculously valuable skill if you know how to use it.
    Or a slave whose encounter we can plot out.
    And I am weak to animal features, like cat or fox ears and tails.
    Appearance wise, I'll be honest and say that a loli would be great.

    BUT! Again, not a must. Please don't try to appeal to that if it is not your thing. I have many likes, and who knows? You might have some idea I didn't even know I want for this, so just give it a go.

    As for the plot to sex ratio, I'd say let's just see what happens, and let it flow naturally. His interest in her will be made clear, but he would at the same time not be an abusive figure. More of a fun-loving, jokes making, arrogant, yet skilled guardian.

    Anyone interested? Oh and you can both post here or EcchiText me. I don't really have a preference.

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    Bump! Also, some updates here and there.

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