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  • Looking for an extra-ordinarily hung stud, that packs a lot of muscle for a variety of possible scenarios

    Hey there you horny role-players!

    I am looking for a person who is equally as a dirty-minded and a fan of bending the boundaries of reality (meaning the sizes of human sex organs, tits, etc.), and who is also very much into audible descriptions (sound, noises, dirty-talking, etc.), as I am.

    While I do like roleplaying in third person from the same perspective as the female character who gets laid, I have recently noticed my love for describing scenes in a voyeuristic way, from a point of view, that's outside of the bedroom, e.g. a neighbour or maid who ends up listening to a very loud sex scene.

    And that is pretty much what I am seeking.
    Either switching the POV between the third person and the rutting couple or writing solely from his or her point of view about what he/she is experiencing/hearing/seeing.

    Who the couple that is fucking is, would be also a big focus of the roleplay. Its could be either a hunky businessman and his slutty date, a housewife and her black or white bull, or a hot couple on their wedding night.
    However, we wouldn't focus on their POV but mostly, or half-the-time if you'd prefer that, on the third person who is listening.

    If you feel like that's something for you, feel free to hit me up and we will discuss it further.
    Also, feel free to check out my F-List.



    Or we stick to a casual 1 on 1 scene, stud v bimbo scene, without any voyeuristic elements.

    I tend to leave the premise/theme of the roleplay quite open so we can discuss and brainstorm without having a lot of fix rules already.
    However, to make it a bit more easier to define what I personally enjoy very much to play - these are scenarios I would be more than willing to get creative with:

    Marine comes home from a long deployment: Needs to release his bent-up lust. (Modern Day or Future-Setting)

    Bodybuilder + Fan: Pro-Bodybuilder meets an eager, very busty fan. (Modern Day)

    Sex-addicted, Hunky Businessman/ Play Boy + Escort or Date (Modern Day or Near Future)

    Pleasure Island - Resort: An island where only hunky, hung studs and busty, fit babes roam about (Modern-Day or Future)

    New Neighbour - self-explanatory

    Injured Soldier and Busty Nurse (Modern Day or Future-Setting)

    Sexual Encounters of a Greek God (Ancient- Times or Modern-Day)

    Hunky College-Quarterback or Football Coach + Busty Cheerleading Captain or Cheerleading Coach

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    On 7/1/2023 at 4:54 PM, BanditKing said:

    What about gang leader and his girl. Not caring too much about the law, he doesn’t care if they are seen having fun even in public

    not the greatest fan of straight-out public sex, but I do like the scene

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