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  • Looking for new RP (M looking for Sub Males / Females and a Dom Female

    • Comment here first! Looking

    Im looking to do a few types of rp, these are just a few of the rp's that I want to do

    Nice guy / Hot headed model (You would play Dom F)

    An aggressive model who loves to look down to people finds love and dominance in a male boyfriend that she finds while at a modeling show. 

    Werewolf / Lost Girl (You would be either a sub F or M)

    You lose your way in a dark forest walking down dark and scary paths when confronted by a werewolf fully in heat, while you run or let him take you as his breeding slut.

    Doctor / Nurse (You would be either a sub F or M)

    After a long day of the doctor looking at you he comes up to you and starts groping your body how will you react to this sudden affection

    Royalty / Slave girl ( You would be the slave girl)

    You have been selected to be the slave a high nobility class in the inter ring of the kingdom, and one of your master's son a prince takes interest in your body and tells you to come by his room later in the day, what will happen and how while it affect the next time he does this. Will it be sexual or while it be forceful

    Teacher / female student (You would be the student - can be either male or female or femboy)

    After a long day in class the teacher tells you to stay after class, what does he want and how will you react to this sudden affection by the teacher. 


    These are just a few of the ones I have in mind if none fit your fancy then maybe we could do a different one. 

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