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    I am looking for a very specific scene that I've been craving lately:

    MC is a young woman, most likely a virgin. She has some sort of relationship with YC and there's some reason they indulge in the intercourse. MC is very obedient/loyal to YC, very, very obedient. Obedient enough that even though intercourse causes her pain, she would not oppose/resist YC. I am open to either complete obedience, or MC voicing her concerns but not actually resisting/fighting, and giving in after YC scolds her or reassures her.

    So, to have a better understanding how this can look, a few setup ideas (my favorite ones are red)

    - YC is MC's father. New fertility laws demands fathers breed their daughters. So YC does just that.

    - MC is a noblewoman in medieval times, YC is a man she was promised to marry. It's their wedding night.

    - MC is YC's secretary and has been for a few years. You grow somewhat close, and MC is very obedient to YC, idealizing YC. One day YC decides to take the relationship one step further.

    - YC is MC's doctor whom she has known for years. One of the exams super personal.

    - YC is MC's older neighbour, you two know each other somewhat well. For whatever reason MC needs to stay at YC's place for the weekend, and YC decides to take advantage of the situation


    Hit me up if this interests you ^^

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