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    Hello. Thank you for stopping by to check my request. As the title suggests, I'm looking specifically for some harems and/or roleplays involving various fandoms (mostly anime and video games). So, without wasting anymore time, let me bring up a few ideas.


    Childhood Friends - Not exactly a harem, but it's more based on this hentai. Basically, a young man grew up with two childhood friends, both of them girls, both of them siblings. They were always together, treating each other like family, and loving each other like they were blood related. As they all grow older, their relationship pretty much stays the same, with the girls often hanging around the boy and usually dressed super casually around him. He soon begins to notice how their bodies have matured, and it starts getting awkward to be around them. One thing leads to another, and he ends up in a situation that results in him having sex with one of them. Then the same with the other. Now he tries to juggle his relationship with the two girls, not wanting their relationship to get awkward, but also knowing that things cannot return to the way they were before.

    A Different Kind of Hero - A young man get summoned into a fantasy world. When he opens his eyes, he's before a couple of female adventurers, celebrating that they managed to summon the legendary hero. However, the hero is unable to provide much of any help in combat. However, he is able to provide special buffs that greatly increase the power of his female companions through sex. The more sex they have, the more power they get. So, as the hero travels around and saves various cities and villages with his companions, his party will begin to grow. And perhaps there's various women that would be happy to help repay him for his heroics with their bodies.

    The Exchange Student - A young American student is given the opportunity to study abroad in another country (Japan by default, but I can be convinced for other places). During his time there, perhaps he decides to make a move on the various foreign ladies around him. The women in the family housing him, his classmates, his teachers, anyone. Or perhaps these women are interested in making the first move, wanting to enjoy some foreign tastes.

    Amateur Porn - A man goes around the country, mainly targeting colleges and vacation spots. He looks for women, specifically dumb and drunk ones. Tempting them with the offer of money and potential fame, he gets them to film amateur porn with him, either in his van or at a cheap motel. After he uploads the videos he makes, he enjoys the money flowing in and makes his way to the next target. Think of it as us playing through a series of Bang Bus or Casting Couch scenarios.

    The Dormitory - After learning that an elderly relative has passed away, a young man discovers that he inherited something from this relative, a large house. The house is used as a dormitory, a shared home for a group of people. He is in charge of making sure the place runs properly. Cleaning, cooking, making sure the house is supplied with essentials (toilet paper, tissues, ect.), repair work, whatever he may be needed for. There is a catch though. All of the residents are women.

    The Heir - After losing his parents in an accident, a young man is approached by a mysterious older gentleman. This man is his estranged grandfather, and wishes to take him in. In doing so, the young man has become the sole heir to his grandfather's multimillion dollar fortune. He no longer needs wish for anything, he can have whatever he wants. Various maids will be there to serve his every need without question. And many women will want to be close to him, either to have a chance of becoming his wife or to simply have a taste of that money he now has.


    Many of these ideas are open to change. Feel free to make suggestions if you wish to alter something about story. For the Exchange Student, perhaps my character is an adult instead, and he's working overseas for his job. For the Hero story, perhaps my character is your typical overpowered hero, but instead of winning over the women he meets and saves, he takes them by force. He's the hero, who's gonna stop him? Feel free to offer your own suggestions as well.


    Now for the fandoms. I don't really have any plots in mind. I'll simply just list some fandoms I'd like to use, and we can either do something within the universe, or we can model the females in the other stories after them (the shinobi companion in Hero RP may just happen to look like Hinata from Naruto).

    -Fate series (Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Extra, Fate/Zero, there's tons of girls to choose from, always in the mood for this)

    -Azur Lane

    -Naruto (mainly want Hinata, but will accept some other girls)

    -Sword Art Online (not a huge fan of the series, but I'll admit that there's some pretty girls)

    -Highschool DxD


    -Persona (played 4 & 5, haven't played Royale yet, haven't played 3)

    -My Hero Academia

    -Food Wars (been a while, maybe need some refreshing, but I love Erina and Alice)

    -Senran Kagura


    Again, feel free to suggest some fandoms too. I might've seen it and I simply forgot to mention it.


    Once again, that k you for stopping by, and I hope that something here interested you. Feel free to hit me up if you wanna play. Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

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