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  • Looking for someone to play as mom in mom vs son wrestling erp

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Nothing turns me on like the idea of mom and son wrestling against each other, especially at wrestling ring and in front of large audience (in story). So as the title says I am looking for someone to play as the mom while I would be her son. 

    I have played as mom many times but I am not good at it and it just doesn't work maybe I cause I am a guy. And quite honestly I am quite bored of always being the mom.

    Yes, you as mom would be stronger and more experienced than me as her son in the match of the erp. As mom you can dominate me quite wildly as long as you remain motherly. You would also win the match and I would lose.

    Though I would prefer the mom to be very muscular, you do not have to be muscular if you do not want, as long as you are strong and dominate me. 

    Also I would prefer this erp to have ageplay, but that is not necessary if you find it off putting.


    So yes, most of the erp would be wrestling and dialogue in middle of our wrestling. There can be a proper build up to the match if you want. No sex during match, I will naturally cum many times just from the hotness of the matchspacer.png


    Also, no need know about prowrestling. I myself do not really know anything about it.

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