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    Name: Xcaliroth Vorigan (I call him Cal for short) (his voice sounds like Tony Timberlake)

    Age: immortal (outward appearance 48 yrs old)

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: human/British; entity/Pegarian

    Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Asexual

    What he smells like: 

    Family and Species: The only Son of Asha The Crow Goddess and Odall The Raven God/Spirit entity

    Human form: looks exactly like Tony Timberlake

    First form (his true form): A dark crow seraphim (his mother and father call him Reykr which means “smoke”)

    Second form: a raven wolfdog (his wolfdog form is giant)

    Third form: (true form)Shadow Void (has a special tongue)

    Relationship: mated to Adriana (me/myself insert)

    Abilities: Polymorph, he can also feel all my feelings (including very intimate feelings), he can adjust his appearance according to age, he has so many other abilities.

    Place of residence: Amealon/ Ashen Oak

    Birthplace: Old Earth/Attelion

    Favorite food: cultured, his favorite drinks are Fizzy drinks, he likes sweet treats especially anything with fruit

    Personality: Very old fashioned, classy, soft spoken, very protective of me, very noble like, likes to bring my coloring pages to life after I color them, loves spoiling me as much as taking care of me. Mixed poppies remind him of me. Very intimate with me. Can give off different personas.

    Pet Peeves: doesn’t like to be called a “sky puppy”

    How we met: at a Dark Carnival in Ashen Oak, humans love going during Samhain (or Halloween). . I was there tagging along with some people, they invited me and I always wanted to go. Our eyes caught each other and I was having this feeling, it felt like love at first sight. I was an absolute monster lover (a secret I was hiding). That's what it felt like mostly, like he could see my secret and was enjoying it. I was watching the Masquerade of Ghost when he came over to me and introduced himself as Xcaliroth.


    “I’m Xcaliroth.” he said as he stood next to me watching the Ghost. “I’m Adriana.” I said, turning to look at him with a smile. He sensed that I was looking at him and turned to look back at me, “You’re even more beautiful up close.” he said, giving me a charming smile. “I’m not beautiful.” I said, my smile fading. “What are you talking about? I’m an entity darling, I find any female human who wants a monster beautiful.” he said to me teasingly. My eyes went wide. My suspicions were correct, he could see my secret, and it created a hot intimate feeling throughout my whole body. “Would you like to walk around the carnival? If you’re not with anyone.” he asked me. I could tell he wanted to get to know me more. “I would love to.” I said with a genuine smile on my face. We walked around and talked and got to know each other. We talked for hours; by the end of the night it was clear we wanted to keep seeing each other. “When will I see you again?” I asked hoping it would be soon. He must have read my mind because he kissed the palm of my hand and answered, “Tomorrow darling.” I felt my heart swell up with love and excitement, his small chuckle must have told me he knew how I was feeling because he kissed my cheek and put his forehead to my temple. It was a very intimate moment that made my whole body flare up even more. I could have sworn I heard him giving me a very low growl of wanting me. No words needed to be spoken, it was very clear we wanted each other in every way possible. “I look forward to seeing you again.” he said in a seductive tone. “Where do I meet you?” I asked him with my forehead pressed up against his intimately. “At the bridge where you cross to enter Ashen Oak. I’ll meet you there.” he answered my question. “How will you know I’m there?” I asked him another question. “Trust me darling I’ll know.” he said teasingly grazing my bottom lip with his right thumb while giving me an eskimo kiss, causing me not only to go weak in the knees but drew a very shaky breath from me. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” he said before turning to leave. My body felt deliciously fuzzy after he left and I couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow.


    The Next Day


    I got to the bridge where Xcaliroth said to meet him. It was 1:00 in the afternoon and he said he would know when I was here. “I told you I would.” said a familiar voice behind me. I turned around to see his handsome face smiling at me. I looked behind him, “You have wings?” I asked him genuinely curious. “I do. They are raven wings.” he said as walked towards me. His body was then pressed up against me as we stood toe to toe. The urge to run my fingers intimately over them was really strong. “You can touch them,” he told me. “I don’t let any humans touch my wings. Let alone a female.” I looked up at him, surprised he knew that, “Can I?” I asked him. He simply nodded his head yes. “How did you know that?” I asked him as I gently touched the inside of one of his wings. “Know what?” He answered me with a question. “Know that I wanted to touch your wings.” I answered. He pressed his lips up to my ear and whispered, “I can read thoughts and feelings, among other things.” He then kissed down my ear to my neck, hearing this fun piece of information, I let out a tiny moan letting him read all my intimate feelings right then and there. “I want to take you right here, right now. But I want to spend the whole day with you first and see you more.” he said amused at the hold he had on me. I could tell from that day we were gonna be together for a long time.


    Where are we now?


    Me and Xcaliroth are mated to each other and still very intimate with each other (and I mean very intimate). There isn’t a day when he’s not trying to get me aroused or into bed with him (and not just for sleeping). We love each other, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.




    Mating with an entity is not like having casual sex with another human. It’s more intense, intimate, and deeper. Especially if you have a lover that can read thoughts and feelings that you can’t hide when they are intimate. They will ask you if you are ready for this out of body experience. Why? Because you will never go back to being with a human ever again. There are things an entity can do to you that a human can’t. Cal can get primal and for some reason it makes me purr.


    Xcaliroth’s abilities:


    He is a polymorph which means his abilities can be many things.

    List of abilities he can do: shapeshift (three main forms, can take on other forms also), can read thoughts and feelings, can adjust his appearance according to age, can bring my coloring pages to life, can control the way my body reacts and what it does (has benefits), can fly because he has wings and they help swim in water, his first form can summon or create frightening illusions of things or himself, he can morph his human voice and monster voice together, he can adapt other abilities also and make them his own, he can use a phantom affect on any part of his body.


    What Xcaliroth does for a living

    He is the entity guardian of one the many realms called Amealon. We travel between Ashen Oak and Amealon. I go everywhere with him. Even though I have gotten better at my Book Magic I’m still learning with Cal’s help. He has an office job in Ashen Oak that he works from home in.

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