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  • Love confession under the moonlight

    • Comment here first! Looking

    I kinda wanted to do a romance fandom roleplay I mha maybe where the oc is acting a bit weird and off but soon is found out that they aren't really a human anymore as they used to be or believed to be.

    (I normally play as a swich leaning to sub but I can be a Dom, or power botton)
    ((Kinda torn between the incubus ,lamia or siren idea))
    But I was thinking about this also being something to help the character get used to all of this, since he needs to deal with getting used to all of this new things and feelings that are arising, never confessed his feelings to anyone or got to to have a boyfriend or have his first time yet but evrything might change since then.

    (So the erp focus on genderbend and boy x boy)

    About a girl that becomes a boy but not a Human anymore and has to experience some new things and high instincts that are rising up and now he is trying to hold them back so bad but it's not healthy to him to do that.

    So evryone thinks that this is only the fruit of a quirk accident and that no one should press to much on that to not make him uncomfortable.

    OK with:

    Egg laying
    Rought sex 
    Passionate sex
    French kissing
    Heat/mating season.
    Love confession

    Not ok with:

    Sexual toys
    Any toilet stuff
    Betraying the other
    Disgusting stuff
    Hyper sizes
    Unrealistic sizes

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