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    Hey y’all Happy New Year🥳 

    So something about the New Year has me especially horny so I want to do a plot with a harem. I’d play the characters of the harem.
    And I’d love to mix it up genderwise. I’m thinking I’d play 3-4 characters. All could be women or men, or three could be women and one could be a man or vice versa. Or gender nonconforming. 

    And given that the harem can be any gender, the same can be said for your character. 

    I have three ideas for the types of people in the harem:

    1) Demons (Vampire, Incubi/Sucubi etc)

    2)Elemental Magicians (Earth, Air, Water, or Fire Attunements)

    3)Hybrid (Ushi, Usagi, Neko etc)

    I’m open to discussing other ideas you might have. As for your character I imagine them being human but we can talk about mixing that up too. 

    So if you’re interested in a harem role play, ecchitext me!

    (A prior version of this post asked for comments. My bad!😅 please EcchiText me.)

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    Hi, interested in chatting about this. Since you mentioned ecchitext but the post says to comment I figured I would play it safe and just leave this here before jumping the gun on the dm

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