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  • Lynnette's current prompts and cravings [FxM, MxM]

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    Currently: AVAILABLE (Limited open slots)

    Current most craved prompts: It's just for the bet [MxM], Netorase Club [FxM]

    Current most craved pairings: MxM

    In the interest of not wasting anyone's time, I figured I'd write a quick foreword, so... Hi there! For the most efficient reading experience, I'd recommend hopping over to the story prompts first, and then if you think we might be a match, go back up and check the Writing with me and About me sections. The prompts should give a decent idea of my preferences, so if you do feel we might be a match, do read through them, they contain crucial information about me as a prospective partner.

    For anyone reaching out about a prompt in this thread, I'd appreciate if the title of the message contains the title of the prompt you're responding to. Please write up a proper message so I can get a decent idea of who you are, I likely won't respond to very short messages. A temperature-check before a proper written message is fine though.

    might be interested in other stories than those in this thread, but do try to make sure you think we are a fit before messaging me. 

    Do not write in this thread if you are interested in writing with me. Send me a message, leave the thread alone. Thank you!


    Writing with me


    Genders, sexualities, and character age

    I'll typically write any combination of genders and sexualities. I'm a little burnt out on FxF, so it'd take a fair bit of convincing, but I'll happily write FxM, MxM, femboys, futas, and... Well, I'm sure I forgot something, but whatever. As far as ages go, characters, both mine and my partners, should be considered adults. I might have a little leeway as far as shotacon goes, but it's not something that I really "crave" to write. A typical Lynn character will be between the ages of 17 and 50, with some leeway in either direction. 

    As a footnote, I have a big distaste towards the "(s)he's actually 500 years old!" trope. I find far too common that it's completely underutilized when it's first involved - Someone who is 500 should have the memories and personality of someone who has lived for 500 years. More often than not though, all I see is the character I'd expect from the image.

    Body types and physical attributes

    I'm a little bored of the "generic" body types, for both male and female characters. I think a bit of chub, some body-hair, saggy tits, you name it really, can be really hot! Within reason of course, but point is I really enjoy seeing some unconventional body types. Even something as simple as a guy with a hairy chest feels like a long jump from the norm. If given the chance, I love writing slightly chubbier female characters. On the other end, chicks with massive abs are super-sexy too. 

    As far as more sexual traits go, I tend to gravitate towards "Exaggerated within realism". A big, but still believable penis, large but not ballooning tits etc. I don't like tits that have their own gravitational field, or cocks that would get confiscated by the TSA. In terms of what the human body can fit within itself however, I'm generally willing to take some "artistic liberties".

    Extreme versus vanilla kinks

    It depends on the story. That's the best way I can put it. I'm generally a very open-minded person and willing to involve a lot of different more extreme kinks if that's the specific craving, so long as it fits within the story being presented. Be it massive insertions, enemas, chastity, fisting, asphyxiation, the list goes on. I do however think it should be earned, in the scene of the story. Want to stuff something big up a character's ass? Should have to work for it and build up to it. 

    In terms of what I just outright won't do, it's mostly just scat, blood and knife-play. Just nothing sexy about any of them. Non-con is a hard maybe, and would take a lot of convincing unless I'm the one presenting the story. 

    Most of my stories will center around more vanilla kinks though.

    Using NPCs to bring life to the world, and the multiple characters question

    Let's face it, most RP-worlds tend to feel a bit lifeless. Why? A minuscule character gallery. Most of us see more than just one person throughout the day, so replicating that is a great way to make a world feel lived-in. I generally enjoy bringing in NPCs to bring the world to life, and I hope you do too. Multiple characters is something I'll do on a case-by-case basis, some stories call for it while others don't. Don't expect me to write you a harem though.

    Furries among other things

    I typically don't enjoy furries. No bad blood towards those who are into it, but for the most part, I just find the artwork lacking. For all of you who paid a starving artist's college degree, I'm sorry to say, I'm probably not interested in your fursona. Not to say I hate all of it, Chunie for instance does great art.

    Monster-girls land in limbo for me, don't hate 'em don't love 'em. Catgirls/boys, foxgirls etc. are more often than not a nope, novelty has (for the most part) worn off. 

    Beasts are a whole different beast though, and can be incredibly sexy. Personal Ami's Einar is an absolute treat to the eyes.

    About Me


    Posting rate

    I can be slow. I try not to be, but more often than not, I end up being slow. I work a full-time job, work out three times a week, go to the gun-range once a week or so, and have other hobbies besides roleplaying. It's highly unlikely that I will be engaging in rapid back-and-forth writing. I'd give an estimate, but I don't think I could give one in good conscience. If it feels as though I've forgotten you, do let me know though.

    About posting length / Progression

    I'm not super-strict with the length of the replies I get, though I won't typically engage with anyone who averages less than three full paragraphs. What matters more to me is progression - Every post should meaningfully contribute to progressing the story. That's a part of the reason why I expect at least three paragraphs, as I typically find progression to stagnate with anything less, or I end up doing all the work. Quality over quantity though, if a scene calls for shorter replies, I am of course understanding of that.

    About Dom/Sub dynamics

    Unless the story specifically calls for it, I don't typically enjoy hard dom/sub dynamics, where both parties only fill one role. In some stories, it's just hotter if that's the dynamic, and that's fine, but for the vast majority of the stories I involve myself with, I want there to be a good balance between both parts. I will not write with pillow-princesses, nor will I play as one.

    Smut versus Plot

    Most stories I involve myself in will have a forward sexual element to them. In other words, the sexual aspects will more often than not be a core part of the story itself. However, even if a story is presented as a total fuck-fest, the non-sexual elements should still be emphasized. I find that the pillow-talk of sex-centric stories are often some of the best moments I experience while writing.

    Am I a snob?


    Okay just kinda. English isn't my first language, so I do understand the plights of other non-native speakers. However, without ruling out the chances of typos and accidental errors, I do consider my English to be in the advanced tier. I do expect my partners to have a good grasp of punctuation, grammar, and a decent vocabulary. I should be able to read your replies without having to question what it is you tried to get across.

    So who even are you?

    Well, I'm Lynn. Or Lynnette, but Lynn is plenty. I'm in my late 20s, getting scary close to 30, and simultaneously have the mind of a 50 year old bored housewife, and a 13 year old pubertal teen who wants to do nothing but play video games and masturbate. I work in a managerial position in a large IT company here in Norway, as a technical lead in a small-ish departments. TL;DR I do the computers. On my free time, I exercise regularly, usually three times a week, and I do some competitive pistol shooting on the side - Hoping to compete in the nationals either next year or the year after. Otherwise, I've owned a fair number of cars over the years - Used to work on them myself too, until time started to get short. And I went over to an EV, so not as much reason to wrench anymore either. 

    As far as writing goes, I've forgotten when I started writing actually. It's been many years on and off. It started out of "necessity", just lacking entertainment options and friends in general. And I wanted to improve my writing skills. Over time, migrated over to adult writing. I don't write exclusively to get off - Don't get me wrong, the mental image of a sexy scene has the same effects on me as it does to anyone else, but it's mostly because I find it a nice addition to a story. Sexual stories in general I just find fun to read, as it's not really something you can get in other mediums. Porn is... Well, calling them actors is being generous, though at least the orgasms are convincing enough. HMU if you want some Norwegian music recommendations, it's a part of the Nordic identity to be a little too exited to share our culture.

    MxM-centric plots

    Plots within this category are intended to be ran as MxM stories, but don't *necessarily* have to be run as MxM. I will usually add a notion if I'm open to bending some genders. I've really been wanting to write some MxM lately, so if you want to as well but don't necessarily like any of the prompts, do let me know and we can brainstorm!


    It's just for the bet

    Intended kinks: Forced clotheswearing, feminization

    Encouraged kinks: Toys, large insertions, chastity-play, pegging (if gender-bent), group-sex, bukkake

    For Takafumi Haruto, it was just a dumb bet made at a study group over who could score the best on their upcoming test. He wasn't exactly a scholar himself, but neither were his friends, and he felt confident in his history-knowledge. Given they were all on the verge of failing, one of them brought up the maid outfit he'd found in his sister's closet. Of course, it just sounded like a bad joke, but it quickly escalated, and soon enough whoever scored the worst would have to don it for whenever they got together the week after. Overconfident, Haruto said he'd do it for a month if he lost to "you idiots". Luck wasn't on his side though, karma was a bitch and a half, and when he didn't realize the test was printed on both sides of the paper... Even if he crushed the rest on the questions he did answer, it didn't matter when he left half the test blank. In came the maid outfit, and... Well, fuck, he wasn't supposed to look so fucking good in it.


    Inspired at large by this picture as well as the anime Daily Lives of High School Boys. I don't mind pulling back towards just having it be one friend, or gender-bending the partner, but I would like to play with the picture attached. I do have some alternate versions if you like the general idea of it but would like to see the plot be something different. I have the idea set somewhere between high school and college age.

    FxM-centric plots

    Plots within this category are intended to be ran as FxM stories. Less leeway on this one than MxM, but I might be willing to discuss if your idea is really good. 


    A whorish witch's legacy

    Intended kinks: Multiple partners, non-human partners, large insertions, large amounts of cum, pregnancy

    Encouraged kinks: Anal, sexual exhaustion, possibly some pegging/futanari play, *possibly* some shotacon

    With the infamy of being one of the most powerful beings to ever have walked the earth, Lilias of Fantaria, once the last of her kin, wandered the earth with the earth itself trembling beneath her feet. Of course, the monicker "The whore of Fantaria" hung behind her, but it never bothered her, if anything she found it helpful, as her latest obsession has been to preserve her bloodline, and seeking out the most powerful beings that wanders the same earth to procreate with. And, even though she was believed to be the only one who could conceivably destroy the planet itself, she rarely bothered herself with luxuries or charging monstrous sums for her services. She lived as though she was an adventurer, wandering from place to place, taking jobs where they showed up, with the end-goal of spreading her kin across the world and nurturing them to follow in her footsteps, to keep her once dying bloodline alive.


    Not really inspired by anything in particular, moreso a continuation of a short-story I wrote some time in the past, now lost to a faulty hard-drive and a certain idiot's lack of redundancy (The idiot in this case would be me). I'd be taking the role of Ms. Lilias, using the likeness of Magisa from Granblue Fantasy, while you would be playing her various adventuring partners turned sex-partners. I'm not expecting you to play a bunch at a time, even as few as one is fine. Very open to non-human partners, be they centaurs, wolfmen, you name it really. Cautiously open to shotacon here. Wouldn't recommend going into this thinking "I want to write the one to break her" because that's not going to happen.


    Netorase Club

    Intended kinks: Multiple partners, sex-toys, netorase/cuckoldry, anal

    Encouraged kinks: Interracial, sexual exhaustion, progressiveness

    Netorase and Netorare are two very distinct things, as Haru's boyfriend would adamantly explain. What little she'd heard of cuckoldry, she wasn't all that interested herself, but seeing how wishing her boyfriend was of getting cuckolded, who was she to deny him. It was true after all that her sex-drive far exceeded his, so maybe this was the key. As luck would have it, they came upon exactly what they needed to fulfill his fantasy - A non-profit club, connecting bulls with prospective partners. 


    Inspired by a doujin of the same name, what I'm looking for here is someone who is willing to play both the role of Haru's boyfriend, and the prospective bulls. There's a lot of flexibility here, but the core thing to get through - Netorase, not Netorare. They're all into it, nobody's suffering from it. I'd like to switch back and forth a bit, from her sex with the bulls and her, to her and her boyfriend as she talks about what's been going on, maybe they watch videos of the debauchery together, jerking him off as he watches her getting railed by another man. Maybe bring in some foreigners, or maybe even his high-school bully. Let the bulls be the first ones to creampie her, take her anal virginity etc. Lots of room here to involve kinks you've might been desiring to try out.


    Rough Industry

    Intended kinks: Pretty vanilla and up for discussion age gap, risk of getting caught

    Encouraged kinks: Anal, rough sex, maybe some BDSM, possibly some video-taping

    The idol industry is a cutthroat business. Competition is massive, wages are low, idols are more often than not drowned in debt to the point they can't afford to leave even if they wanted to. There's no guarantee of leaving the industry financially stable either, many "graduate" poorer than when they started - Effectively retired by their agency, having lost several work-years with nothing but debt to show for it.

    Suzuki Chizu on her part never really cared for idols. Having just entered college studying to become a teacher, music was just a hobby. One that only really showed up to an audience of a couple thousand on social media. It wasn't a money-game for her, it was just a hobby that she squeezed in between studying and working a part-time job. But, she had a half-decent voice, and played several instruments, some very well. It wasn't like she was ever going to get picked up, living in rural Hokkaido and not knowing at all how to push a music career. It was a hobby, and she intended to keep it that way.

    The producer on his part was at the end of his wits. Once the manager of a successful group, his career fell into havoc after one of his group members caused a career-ending controversy that cost his agency millions. Though he wasn't cut off from the company, his budgets were slashed down to pocket change, the agency trying to make him resign on his own volition. But, still wanting to follow his dream, he wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. He didn't have the budgets to run a full group, but a solo idol? if every stone was turned, maybe, just maybe, there was enough to make it work. Sure, it was kind of a dead genre, but he didn't have much left to lose anyway. That left the issue of finding someone multi-talented enough to run solo, and who'd be willing to work on his budget. One of his friends in the industry tipped him of some girl from the far northern parts of Japan who might fit what he was looking for, sharing some of the videos filmed in her bedroom on a laptop webcam. As crude as the quality was, there was no mistaking that she could play bass among the best of them, and her voice... Well, it was nothing a back-alley vocal coach couldn't help lead into greatness. 

    A plane ticket to Hokkaido was immediately booked, a few days later the producer found himself driving through the countryside just a shy hour away from Wakkanai, Hokkaido's northernmost city, in the middle of winter in a rented car. He didn't have much to go off, other than that she studied at the university in Wakkanai, that she lived an hour or so outside of the city, and that she worked at a convenience store near her home. She hadn't responded to his messages on social media, so trying to find her was his last chance, though after a couple of days, it was becoming more and more of a daunting task. He eventually ran into her by sheer coincidence, swinging by a convenience store on the way back to his hotel. 

    "... Uh, no. Did you hit your head or something? Should I call an ambulance?" Immediate rejection. He didn't waver though, and after a few days of repeated tries, she eventually agreed, on the stipulation that it'd have to wait until the end of her semester, he had one year to prove it was viable, and that her living expenses would be covered. As long as he got creative, it could just barely work, and the deal was made. And, when summer came, the journey of a grumpy, foul-mouthed, cigarette smoking teenager and a producer at the dead end of his career began.


    Meant to be more of a slow-burn drama, inspired vaguely by... Well, the idol industry in general, seen from a more morally gray side, with a producer trying to make the most of his tiny budget, and an up and coming idol who doesn't really believe in him. Ups and downs, arguments, and eventually catching feelings - Or just dealing with boredom. I think Higuchi Madoka from Im@s would be a good fit for the idol.


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