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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    I have a kinky longterm roleplay, for anyone willing to play female characters. It's going to be very kinky.
    Kinks i would like to include for that rp are: all kinds of bdsm, humiliation, training, forced, rape, anal, strict rules, multiple females.
    That are the main kinks for the rp but darker ones would also fit in and up for discussion.

    Now to the roleplay.
    It's about a special school only for girl's. The main purpose is to train the students for sexual service, but that's not all. The school is set up and sponsored by some private donators. There is not much know about them at all, they just provide the school with money and new students.
    The students are set up in small groups of 4 students. They got to share a room and have to somehow make it to the end of the school year.
    It all is controlled by the donators and they do everything to get there kinks satisfied, of course they are Kinky as hell.
     One of there first step was to install hidden cameras all around the building, with only them knowing about.
    I will not go into more details as I want to build it together, but be sure i have much more in mind. And I hope you do as well have some kinky ideas to make the students the perfect fuckdolls when they finish.
    If you are interested and are able to add to the story fell free to message me.

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