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    I mostly play male characters and am looking for someone to rp female characters with me.  I generally post about 200 to 300 words per post but have done more.  Please note that I don't do rape or stuff that belongs in the bathroom.  When contacting me please be sure to specific if you want a more plot driven roleplay or more of a smut.  Please PM me if interested.  I also prefer to RP over PMs.


    -Breast play
    -Strip Tease

    -Femdom (not required, but nice or a change)

    -Rape\Non Con
    -Toilet or other bathroom stuff


    Kingdom Hearts

    Looking for the following canon ships:
    Sora (MC) x Kairi (YC)
    -Maybe during Kingdom Hearts 2 after they met again.

    Ventus (MC) x Aqua (YC):
    -Could take place before or during the events of Birth by Sleep or after it. Maybe an AU of it where the the Keyblade Master in-training grows closer to the new Keyblade Master.


    Roxas (MC) x Larxene (YC)
    -Could be during the events of 358/2 Days. The lost Roxas ends up with Larxene, even if she would never admit it.


    Joey \ Jonouchi (MC) x Mai (YC)
    -Could take place during Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, the Dartz arc, or after the end of the series. Could be them growing closer after an emotional moment (such as Joey needing to save his sister or Mai recovering from being influenced by Dartz) or just looking to blow off steam.

    Syrus \ Sho (MC) x Dark\Black Magician Girl (YC)
    -Could either be the two meeting during an event like Duel Monster Spirit day, or Dark Magician Girl being stuck in the real world, or an even where Syrus ends up in the Duel Monster Spirit World.  She can be treated as the future Mana.

    Bastion \ Daichi (MC) x Tania (YC)
    -Could either take place in her intro episode or during or after the events of season 3.

    Leo \ Lua (MC) x Akiza \ Aki (YC)
    -Would take place after the series like Leo trying to become a better duelist.

    Jaden \Judai and Burstinatrix \ Burst Lady

    Could take place during season 2 when Jaden first meets his cards in spirit form or in season 3.

    Judai \ Jaden x Azuka \ Alexis

    -One of the more obvious shippings. Could take place during the first season or the second season when Alexis was being controlled by the Society of Light or after she was freed from their control.


    Syrus \ Sho and  Azuka \ Alexis, Junko \ Jasmine, and Momoe \ Mindy
    -Likely just smut based on that one episode lol.

    Yuma (MC) x Anna (YC)
    -Could take place after the series with the two being partners in a tag team tournament.


    Tom x Intress (or Aivenna, Deenha, Katarin, Quadore, or Unda)
    Kaz x Takinom (or Nivenna, Lyssta, Swassa, Skithia, or Tasqa)
    Basically either Tom or Kaz would get to know a member of their favorite tribe alot closer then they planned. Some ideas include Tom ending with Intress when trying to keep a poisened Maxxor hidden or Kaz getting caught up in a mission between Chaor and Van Bloot or the Overworld. Feel free to suggest other ideas too.

    Monster Rancher\Farm

    teen Genki x Pixie aka Granity\Venus
    -Genki returns to the Monster Rancher world after being gone for awhile and finds that his former ally or enemy remembers him. Could be dealing with another threat to the world or a tournament arc (like season 3) or just them living in the world.

    teen Genki x Poison or Lilim
    -Same as above just with a former enemy.

    Zak Storm: Super Pirate

    Zak x CeCe
    Anytime during the series. Feel free to suggest.



    (both the classic series and the 2011 reboot that never got finished can work)
    Lion-O x Cheetara
    -Maybe an AU where Lion-0's heart wasn't completely crushed?

    teen Wilykat x Cheetara or Pumyra
    -Would take place after series original series where an older WilyKat gets closer to Cheetara.

    teen Wilykat x Pumyra
    -In the 2011 series could take place where WilyKat runs into the former traitor (who could have fallen out of favor with Mummra). Or for the classic series could use the same idea above.



    Bob x Hexadecimal
    -Could happen when Bob is trying to stop her mayhem.

    Bob x Mouse
    -Could take place back when Mouse was taking jobs from Megabyte (in season 1). Bob tries to stop Mouse but is captured by her.

    Little Enzo x AndrAIa
    -As the younger Enzo processes into a teen he still has the first Enzo's memory of being AndrAIa's closest friend, and she also longs for Enzo's more tender side. But they have to keep this a secret from Matrix.

    Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

    Adrien x Ladybug
    -Maybe during the events of "Oblivio"?

    Ranma 1/2

    Ranma x Shampoo
    Just Ranma having to deal with Shampoo trying to get with him and this time she succeeds.


    Robin x Poison Ivy or Harley or both
    Could just be Robin being captured but could grow into something more.

    Outlaw Star

    Jim + Aisha
    The two could have a reunion after the series.



    Minato x Musubi, Matsu, Tsukiumi, and/or Kazehana.

    Could play an OC Ashikabi to an OC Sekirei too.

    Here are the Digimon I am looking for with some basic ideas sorted by themes.  One idea I could do with almost any of them would be a tamer (or hacker if you want to use the Cyber Sleuth setting) evolves his partner into one of them and they find themselves attracted to each-other. Be sure to specify if you want a plot or just smut. Also specify what kinks you are looking for.

    For the general settings I have three main ideas, but more can be discussed if you'd like.

    1.) The general setting from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, with my character being a hacker and your character being the Digimon he uses.
    2.) A setting similar to the Digimon Adventure TV series where my character lands in the alien Digital World.
    3.) A setting where in the real world the Digimon are part of a game.  Your character is a Digimon that my character is using in the game.  But then my character is transported to the Digital World and meets your character for the first time. (Or Digimon come to the real world.)

    Here some of the Digimon that I am looking for a partner to play with some short brainstorming ideas assorted by themes.

    Angewomon (image)

    Angewomon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Ophanimon (image)

    Ophanimon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Lovelyangemon (image)

    Ophanimon Core (image)

    1.) A Tamer lost in the Digital World meets a Tailmon who is trying to hunt and defeat an evil Digimon (maybe Vamdemon\Myotismon) who forced her to fight for him in the past.  He tried to get her to enjoy herself instead of just wanting revenge.  When she evolves into Angewomon they become closer.

    2.) For canon ideas for Digimon Adventure 02 Daisuke\Davis getting with Angewomon after a rejection of Hikari.

    3.) For a Digimon Frontier AU, Takuya could manage to save Ophanimon and they get intimate after the battle.

    Fallen Angels

    Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (image)

    Ophanimon: Falldown Mode (X-Antibody) (image)

    Mastemon (image)

    1.) For Falldown Mode we could have a plot where the Orphanimon is seeking to redeem herself from the act that caused her to become corrupted.


    Ladydevimon (image)

    Ladydevimon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Lilithmon (image)

    Lilithmon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Gattaililithmon (image)

    1.) Generally, with Ladydevimon and Lilithmon being more seductive, a Tamer who evolves his Digimon into either of them could be seduced by one of them.  He could be a tamer in the Digital World either stuck there or with the ability to travel between the real and digital worlds.

    2.) Lilithmon could be seeking a tamer to use to get more powerful, perhaps to fight against another legendary Digimon.

    3.) If canon characters are desired Taiki and Lilithmon from Xros Wars (Fusion) have plenty of possibilities.


    Fairymon (image)

    Shutumon (image)

    Jetsilphymon (image)

    Ancientirismon (image)

    1.) Fairymon provides the best possibility for an OC Tamer evolving his partner into an attractive Digimon and being attracted to her (Fairymon is treated as an Adult\Champion Digimon in many mediums).
    2.) For a canon character plot Izumi\Zoe could Spirit Evolve to charm Takuya. Or maybe Fairymon's personalty takes over to help Izumi charm Takuya.


    Lillymon (image)

    Lillymon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Bancholillymon (image)

    Rosemon (image)

    Rosemon: Burst Mode (image)

    Rosemon (X-Antibody) (image)

    Lilamon (image)

    Lotusmon (image)

    Biolotusmon (image)

    Ceresmon Medium (image)

    Rafflesimon (image)

    1.) Lillymon and Lillymon X have overly friendly personalities which could make for a fun rp.
    2.) Lilamon has moves that can charm the opponent.  Could accidentally hit her tamer with it.
    3.) Bancholillymon could save an inexperienced tamer who just arrived in the Digital World.  He learns more about Digimon Battles and eventually helps her against an enemy (maybe the D-Brigade).
    4.) Rosemon could fit the above plots too.  They have a more forceful personality though.
    5.) Lotusmon can put the opponent into dream like states.  In Cyber Sleuth one used her powers to gain a following as a pop idol.
    6.) For one with canon characters I could see one with Lillymon and Taichi, Jou, or Koushiro.


    Ranamon (image)

    Calamaramon (image)

    Mermaimon (image)

    Ancientmermaimon (image)

    1.) Ranamon makes for a more selfish and emotional Digimon so she could be a fun partner.
    2.) Mermaimon (or Ancientmermaimon) could go with the general ideas of someone being saved at sea by a mermaid. In this case it would be a tamer in the Digital World.
    3.) For canon character plots Duskmon could have had a relationship with Ranamon in the past and now Kouichi returns after the end of series with little memory of what he did as Duskmon.

    Mervamon (image)

    Jetmervamon (image)

    Mervamon Wide Hi-Vision Sword (image)

    Xros Up Mervamon (Beelzebumon) (image)

    Darcmon (image)

    Kinkakumon (image)

    Queenchessmon (image)

    Beelstarmon (image)

    1.) For a canon character with Mervamon ideas possibly one involving her with Taiki.

    2.) For Beelstarmon, maybe something involving the the Three Musketeers group?


    Venusmon (image)

    Junomon (image)

    Dianamon (image)

    1.) Venusmon would be another one that would work well with the idea of a tamer evolving his partner into her and having to deal with being attracted to a Digimon that he has already bonded with.

    2.) In the reference book Juno is stated to be the lover of Jupitermon.  Maybe if Jupitermon was struck down by an enemy (such as Plutomon or Titamon) it could open possibilities.

    Priestess \ Oracle\ ect

    Sanzomon (image)

    Shakamon (image)

    Sakuyamon (image)

    Sakuyamon: Miko Mode (image)

    Sakuyamon (X-Antibody) (image)

    VR-Sakuya (image)

    Kuzuhamon (image)

    Kuzuhamon: Miko Mode (image)

    Sistermon Noir (image)

    Sistermon Noir (Awaken) (image)

    Sistermon Ciel (image]image)

    Sistermon Ciel (Awaken) (image)

    1.) For Sanzomon, have a vague idea of her putting a tamer through a trial but feeling closer to him after he passes it.

    2.) For Sakuyamon or Kuzuhamon, could meet a tamer while seeking to end the influence of an evil Digimon.

    3.) For the Sistermons, maybe something to do with having to rescue their younger sister (Sistermon Blanc).  I'm not really looking to do anything sexual with Sistermon Blanc though. Could also be looking for a partner to get stronger to prove themselves to Gankoomon.


    Witchmon (image)

    1.) Have an idea where a Witchmon becomes a partner to a tamer to get strong enough to take on her rival Wizarmon.

    Hudiemon (image)

    1.) After the end of Hacker's Memories Erika could pull Keisuke back to the Digital World but he doesn't clearly remember her.

    Bastemon (image)

    1.) Most obvious choice with be a plot with her and Taiki.


    Warudamon (image)

    Beautymon (image)

    1.) Could just be a smut plot of Haru being seduced by either of them.

    original fantasy

    summoner x succubus
    1.) A guy (maybe a magic student in a fantasy setting) summons a succubus when he gets lonely unaware that she will drain some of his energy or that the spell does not end after they do it so he is stuck with her.
    2.) A guy accidentally summons a succubus (maybe in a modern fantasy setting) and then it works the same as above.
    3.) A succubus poses as a teacher at a a school (magic or not) and uses the position to seduce the students for energy .
    4.) A young prince is married off to daughter of a Demon King to try and make peace between the kingdoms. He dreads it thinking she would be a monster but is surprised when she is a succubus.

    5.)My character is guarding a caged succubus and must resist her attempts to seduce him and escape.

    nymph x traveler
    A traveler stumbles on a fea that charms him. Could be a more light-hearted story or the fea could be more mischievous.

    human x giantess

    A guys stumbles on a giantess and is captured by her.

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    I would be interested in the Digimon one ^^ I have a Character just Digimon roleplays would you like to discuss over pm?(My tamer/Digimon travler is a girl I hope that is no problem if I got the post wrong I am sorry ^^') 

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    Did you want to rp any of the Digimon I mentioned in the post?  If so, which one(s)?

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    On 4/21/2021 at 11:38 AM, BrightChaos said:

    Did you want to rp any of the Digimon I mentioned in the post?  If so, which one(s)?

    I did want to be a tamer but if that is not what you are looking for then Im sorry ^^' 

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