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    Hi there! Recently I had crafted up some RPs on another site with others, only to see the RP not take off. So I'm taking the ideas to here!

    Bar/Club (Involves alcohol, cheating, possible gangbang) - I don't have a particular name for this RP. It's a shorter-term one, although I could be convinced to try something a bit longer term if I find the right partner! A couple and perhaps a third friend go out together to a bar/club. YC gets a little carried away and snuck off to the dance floor while MC was chatting with their friend or maybe he had to go to the bathroom. Somethings comes up where MC has to leave, either a family or work emergency, and trusts the friend to get home safely with YC later. YC doesn't know MC left, either she bumps into some people who offer to help her find her way home, or finds another guy with a similar build or outfit as MC and confuses him for her boyfriend.. She's led off to someone else's place for the night. With the right partner, this could be something we make longer term, but I'd like to discuss that up front, otherwise this would end in the morning after or when she falls asleep for the night.


    Aphrodisiac (Involves aphrodisiacs/heat, multiple orgasms, tying up, maybe kidnapping, maybe gangbangs?) - MC is some sort of scientist. He started some research in aphrodisiacs and pheromones in hope of giving him a little edge or confidence in talking to women. Spending time breaking down chemicals/elements which drive libido or interest, he focuses it down to a super concentrated new formula. It could split 2 ways here: He posts up something online looking for help, YC answers and is a willing test subject; or he blindly tests this formula on someone in public. Whichever direction you're comfortable with it leads to the formula being way more potent than he anticipated, driving YC into an insatiable lust for sex and/or affection. Now he needs to find a way to cure her of this, fucking her as often as he can, using toys, calling in other men maybe.. Maybe it just wears off over time and he just applies more to her at night to keep her going? This RP probably requires a bit of discussion beforehand.


    Monster Bar (Hypnosis preferably, different monsters) - YC goes to a bar on occasion to hook up with the patrons. All of the men in the bar appear to be human.. until they get to the bedroom. Each of the men have a monster form, using your character to get off. Then, her memory would be altered with some hypnosis, making her forget the monster part, and that she just had sex with the human form instead. Turns out the bartender at the bar is the mastermind behind this, programming her to come back over and over to keep his customers happy. A little less open-ended than the others, but lots of fun and sex involved. Again, a lot of discussion would be needed for this to accommodate kinks for both sides.

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