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  • [M4A] My sister walks in on me and her best friend in her bed!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    Max groaned as he rose from his little sister’s bed, stretching his bare arms out into the air and yawning as the morning sun peaked inside the room from the cracked window. He turned back and gazed down at his bed-partner, smiling as his eyes ran over the smooth skin of his little sister’s best friend. They’d been regularly meeting up when his sister had to leave for class for a few weeks now, and Max had never been more satisfied with sex in his entire life. Something about the taboo of their relationship and doing it in his own little sister’s bed just turned him on so fucking much.

    She'd even dressed up in some of her lingerie for him once. He didn't really know why, but it really got harm hard as a rock, the sex afterwards was the best he'd ever had. Whatever strange perverse pleasure that her proximity to his little sister brought, he was more than willing to embrace.

    This particular morning, however, it seemed that Max and his sister's friend's sexy indiscretions wouldn’t go unnoticed. When his sister turned the corner into her room after having gotten home early after a cancelled class and saw the two entangled together, naked, in her bed, needless to say that she lost her shit. But something about the look in her eyes when she stormed out left a little room for doubt in the shitstorm was sure to follow such a discovery. Grabbing his clothes and running after her, Max only hoped that his charm would work just as well on his little sis as it had on all the other girls…

    (Hey there! Hope you enjoyed this prompt. If you did, I’d love for you to shoot me a PM or a chat so that we can discuss further, including kinks, limits, and writing preferences. Please use good grammar/sentence structure if you do message me! Also, having Discord is a huge plus.)

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