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  • (M4F) She came from space

    Heyya got another post! This'll be a long term rp of my character being assigned to study and watch a new alien that crash landed within a meteor and has become attached to my character. It'd be a slow burn kinda thing of my character slowly growing to like the alien girl and eventually becoming the aliens lover. The kinks will be pretty vanilla maybe one odd thing but not much. If you have any other kinks you'd like to add into the rp let me know!

    As for writing please be able to write at least 5 pc lines, 1st or 3rd person are welcome. That should be everything. I'll paste refs of the alien creature and the intro. EcchiText me if you're interested!

    Kinks: light bondage (pinning/holding one down or using tail), deepthroating, facial, anal/vaginal creampie, french kissing, teasing, sneaky sex, cuddle fucking and exhibitionism

    Limits: gore/guro, blood, death, piss/fart/scat, feet/foot kinks, toiletplay, watersports, leather/latex suits, vomit, diapers, ABDL and ball-busting



    It's been a month since the foundation has discovered and retrieved this specimen. She's a small and petite woman. Skin feels rough and almost scaly. Human like hands and posable thumbs. Sharp teeth, a long tongue and a stretchy pair of lips for devouring prey of almost any size and a lengthy tail. She was found during last months meteor shower. Apparently one of the meteors was bigger than previously estimated and much thicker upon it landing. We quickly arrived at the crash site, took the meteor and left. The team got to work studying it and were surprised to find her. A little white alien curled up and fast asleep. Considering it was just the one, the option of dissecting it was brought up buy quickly denied. It's a still living creature and we have more ways of studying it. After much discussion, it was ultimately decided that one researcher was to be chosen to study it and that researcher was me.

    I accepted the assignment and my new living quarters was created to watch and study it. However everything and anything I did was monitored 24/7. I was to follow a set of rules but the most important one being not to get attached to the creature nor form a bond with it. Fast forward to a month later and this creature which I call, Hush. She'd make this strange trilling sound and each and everytime I had to tell it to hush. Hush has became close to me. I never reciprocated it's affectionate trills and other strange forms of affection. Hush would receive a weekly check up. Each and every time she got more and more aggressive. Until one day an incident occurred where she almost killed the doctor but I stepped in and attempted to take her assault but she stopped her attack and stepped down.

    The admins reviewed the footage and decided to lighten the restrictions of what I can do with it. Which means I'll be doing its weekly check ups and gaining its trust further to hopefully learn more about it.







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