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    Hey there. I am new to this site, but not to roleplay in general. I would like to start a new roleplay with the right roleplay partner, so feel free to message me, if you're interested. My roleplay ideas can differ a lot from each other, as there is no specific type of roleplay or genre I like, so on here I will devide them into three catagories: smut orientated and story orientated:

    Smut orientated:

    -Free use declaration: A while back in this world, a declaration has been passed, which allows men to freely use women whenever they feel like it. This was done to lower the rising crime rate and increase the work efficiency of men. (for this roleplay i would like to dig a little bit deeper into this world, and explore diffrent aspects of it. It would require me to play multiple characters whereas, you'd only had to focus on one)

    -One book to rule the world: MC stumbles upon a long lost and forgotten notebook, allowing the owner of which, to shape the world around him to his liking, just by writing rules into said notebook. (This would require you to play as multiple characters, whilst I'd focus on one, on the other hand)

    -Slave/master: One day, after another frustrating day in chains for you, I decide to buy you off the slave market (Old but gold, I know this setting is quite old, but proves itself to be of a great potential)

    Story orientated:

    -Dystopian: Every person is born as either good or evil. The government determines which of both sides one belongs to, and whilst the good are normally migrated into society, the evil are sent outside of the cities borders, to live in camps amongst themselves, under own control. Since you had been born, the goverment wasn't able to make out, which side you are on, so for safety precausions, you are sent outside of the city.

    -Dystopian: Overcrowding prisons have lead the government to create prison islands. These are uninhabitated islands in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mines, to prevent escapes. You just recently commited a crime and are on your way to such a prison in a helicopter.


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