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  • (M4Futa) An Exotic Pet

    Heyya! I'm looking for anyone to do a Futa petplay RP. To keep it short. My human character decides to liven up his life by adopting a pet. He searched and searched but none clicked with him until he found a pretty sketchy ad and eventually ordered a snow leopard kitten. The kitten arrives but instead of a small kitten what arrives is a tall, fully grown/mature snow leopard. As for the snow leopard I have two choices for ya! You could be a dom "pet" who'll put her "master" in place or you could be a big'ol sub softie. Up to you. But this'll be a long term ERP.

    As for writing please be able to at least write 5 PC lines, 1st or 3rd person is welcome. As for kinks they're all optional and feel free to add or remove any. Aside from that, that should be everything! I'll put the little story intro and refs for the leopard! EcchiText me if you're interested!

    Kinks: anthro furry, futa dom, futa sub, anal/vaginal sex, anal/vaginal creampie, blowjob, deepthroating, frottage, unique cocks (barbed, equine etc), thighjob (giving), throatpie, lactation, cuddle fucking, face fucking, musk, stomach bulge, mild-moderate cumflation, mild hyper cock (8-16 inches), light bondage (pinning/holding one down), bondage (cuff, rope, etc), tit fucking, petplay, facial and role reversal (Master becomes pet vice versa)

    Limits: death, gore/guro, piss/fart/scat, feet/foot kinks, bdsm, leather/latex suits, toiletplay, watersports, sissification/feminization, bimbofication, CBT, chastity, ball-busting, diapers and vomit



    Pets. Everyone loves them. Cats. Dogs. Birds. Hamsters. Etc. Small companions to keep you and your family company. Bring some light in your life. Someone you can give a better home. However if you have the money. You can buy yourself an exotic and unique pet. A lizard. A snake. Maybe if you REALLY wanna flaunt your wealth. Buy yourself a cheetah. A bear or hell even a tank of piranha! Whatever pet you get, you’re bound to become happier! And that’s what Eric is doing. He finally saved some money on the side to adopt a pet! But what kind of pet? He doesn’t know himself. He has the room to keep a pet himself and plenty of money for food and toys but he just can’t decide on what to adopt.

    At home he began to search around the web looking for a pet he can adopt. But no matter what he looked at they didn’t seem to click with him. Adopting a pet is much harder than he previously thought. This is a life altering choice so he wants to be sure the pet he picks is the one he’s interested in. As Eric browsed through the late hours of the night he saw a rather peculiar ad. “Looking for a pet? Can’t decide on one? Get yourself an exotic one!” An exotic pet. He pondered and decided to entertain the thought and he clicked the ad as a new tab loaded the site. These were quite the exotic pets! Snakes, lizards, chameleons and other such creatures. He did see one in particular he found himself interested in.

    It was a snow leopard kitten. Fairly cheap too. He didn’t think too much on it and he purchased it. He filled some info and waited many days for it to arrive. He did research buying plenty of food for it and it’s own small bed. The day would soon arrive as he heard a knock on the door and quickly ran over to get it! They opened the door but instead of seeing a person on the other end holding a box with their snow leopard kitten. Instead was a tall, mature and fit, futa snow leopard! She stared down at the human with an apathetic yet judging glare. She took a step forward and let herself in as her tail shut the door behind her. Looks like Eric is going to enjoy his new pet.








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