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    So, lately I've been craving a Mafia Romance; the villain wins sort of scenario. Obviously this would be a Long Play sort of roleplay with a mix of story and smut. Paragraph to multi-paragraph responses ONLY - no one liners or semi-paragraphs; that shit won't fly. Please read over preferences and see if anything tickles your fancy and we can discuss. 

    The premise is that the Boss or the Heir (YC) of the family comes to the gentleman's club comes in for the quarterly meeting that happened up in the VVIP Meeting room up on the second floor. Because of this meeting it's all hands on deck no day off for the dancers or girls; best booze best drugs and only the prettiest girls to serve drinks at the meeting for an easy big payday. The meeting lasts hours talking about who to cut from the family, betrayals and or negotiations with other families that need attention.

    MC is relatively new about a month or so into the business trying to pay for school. Started off being a bartender but got talked into being a dancer for the past couple of nights and is surprised at how much money she is getting. So in response to being asked to provide service to the meeting and a hefty bonus she goes with the money and catches YC's eye. Once the meeting is over in the wee hours of the morning and every one is getting ready to go home YC corner's mine and threatens MC's job and essentially become their plaything. 

    Feelings may or may not develop but it is a work in progress. I def want some testing scenes that require some more discussion but if this catches your fancy I'm really interested. 

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    Well no it can be fantasy or sci-fi as well so it doesn’t have to have such strict layouts. Given that information our stories narrative may change. If you are still interested you can dm me :3 

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