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    So this is an idea I did a few years ago on another website. Its kind of silly, but can also be very fun, even though its fairly short.

    The scenario involves a young college/university girl (played by myself or you if you'd like) having to go through hazing for her dorm. She is challenged to hide, completely naked, in one of the boys rooms, for at least 3 days. Her dormmates will bring her food when the dorm is empty, but other then that she's on her own.

    The person who stays in the room she hides in, finds her buried in his closet. Not being a complete monster, he gets her full story, and offers to help her finish the hazing, telling her he'll bring her food, and make sure she can take a shower without being caught. He feels bad for her, and feels like she'll be better off seeing how bad of an idea this all is.

    However, after getting help from him, she feels like she should repay him. So she offers to do sexual favors for him. It devolves, and she gives up on the hazing, instead deciding to stay in his room for the rest of the year, for whatever reason we come upon during the rp.

    Hit me up if you're interested!


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