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    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    "He's the greatest hero who ever lived!"

    "He once saved and entire cruise ship from sinking and carried it away to safety!"

    "I hear he once blew out a raging forest fire like it was candles on a birthday cake!"

    "He's a hero!"

    Yes, everyone loves a hero. A symbol of peace, justice, good will, a beacon of light in a dark world. And our hero is just that, but he does however have one...shall we say vice? He's a bit of a sexual deviant, not a rapist or anything no parish the thought! But there have been times he's been known to...take certain "gifts" that have been offered by women he's saved, or maybe a female criminal offers him "something" in exchange for a headstart from the police? He can't really help it if along with super strength, super speed, he also happens to have a super libido.


    So this is another easy one, basically MC is a Superman like figure, a real straight laced goody-goody most of the time who happens to have a thing for the ladies. YC would be one of the women "seduced" by the hero, either a damsel in distress rescued by him, an adoring fan looking to service her favorite hero, a villainess looking to cut a deal, or perhaps even an investigative reporter looking to get the story of a life time! 

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