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  • Hai, so before I get into the scene, I only RP on kik or discord so if you like the setting feel free to message me on discord @Nialla #2208 or on kik @Apparent_Nialla

    So for the setting I had in mind, I'm kinda open to one of three. The first being a typical modern zombie apocalypse in a Left 4 Dead style with mutated infected, a small amount of immune humans, and plenty of monstrous fun. The second would be more Fallout-esque nuclear apocalypse with the expected human and beastial mutants scattered about for me to run into. The third would be more Sci-Fi less apocalypse I suppose, but for reference, think Dead Space with the necromorphs and relics mashed up with sci-fi elements and the steady decline and eventual fall of human society altogether.

    As for reference monsters, since mobile is kind of bullshit for website usage, think Centaurs from Fallout, Smokers, Boomers, and Jockeys from Left 4 Dead, Zombies/Feral Ghouls in general, and Mind flayers from DnD. The details of the RP can be hashed out in greater detail to fit our individual tastes and such, but on the chance that you (the person reading this) are interested, feel free to message me and ask about this setting!~ hope to hear from someone soon~ 💕

    (!!! Worth noting, I don't wanna die myself or like, be turned into/play a mutant/monster myself as that'll kinda take away from the whole kink I'm looking for here. I don't mind small changes to my characters appearance, but overall I wanna play a human~)

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