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    I’m looking for a female partner to play as a new member of a team of people that search for unknown creatures, capturing them for study, or to stop them from harming people. And I had a idea that your female character would have something about her that aroused monsters, making them want to mate with her, making their job easier and harder sometimes. 

    I would play as another new recruit, a young man who is unknowingly half Incubus and as any male creatures. I would be open to adding and playing as more human guys to. If this idea interests you let me know and we can discuss it.

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    Any one up for a starting a rp with this idea? I had a idea for a spin on this, with it being set in a fantasy world and your character being a wizard that has a fetish of having sex with monsters. She can cast spells on her body to make her be able to survive mating with a monster, so it can be pretty hardcore.

    I would play as her Incubus Familiar and as any male monster. If that sounds interesting to any lady, let me know.

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