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  • Morale officer on the rise.

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    Once more, looking for something quite simple, but hopefully with longtermed and good potential 😄 

    Basically, I would like to play as a newly educated woman with the military. She is hyped for a career within the ranks, but quickly find herself lacking behind in the ways that normal officers. Not detered by this setback, she aims to gain the upper hand another way - namely rising in rank with the use of her body.

    Along the way, she finds herself more in love with the lewdness and kinks she comes to love, more than serving as a soldier and thus takes upon the role of morale officer for the army, finding herself very happy with her new position and able to give all the men of the army a way to relieve stress and other bad states of mind.

    Some picture references. If any of these is not to your liking, I am happy to see other ones:

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    I love how this sounds and would like to start up an RP with you. Message me and we can work out how to start this rp by setting up roles and answering each others questions 

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    1 minute ago, TheYellowKing said:

    As someone who has actual military experience I think this sounds great and I could really help you explore this topic. 

    Oh, interesting.

    How do you imagine such experience would influence this idea? 😄 

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