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    Fuyuko is a fun-loving and carefree spirit who likes to lounge about, dance, sing, mingle with humans and drink sake. He's a kitsune or red fox, a yokai who is said to bring good fortune wherever he goes. If a human were to spend time with him, they will receive good luck for the next year or so depending on how long they were in his presence. He lives at a small shrine and spends any time where he isn't out on the town practicing calligraphy or painting and trying his best to answer prayers. Most of people's wishes can be granted just by visiting them, and because of this Fuyuko is very social and loves attention. He likes to spread luck by visiting populated places and singing for the inhabitants, often restaurants or private gatherings. People are often too intimidated to get close to him which is why he craves companionship.
    So, what do I want? I want to play my Fuyuko! Really anyone small and dainty, because that's my style. I haven't been able to rp since a recent painful event and I miss it dearly. I love to write and typically do lit to advanced lit responses. I'm looking for a partner who can play a dominant character, someone who's scary to others and caring to our sub. Maybe even obsessed. I LOVE this trope taken to the extreme, like a yandere type of character. That would be awesome ( ´∀`)

    So, in simple terms, I'm looking for my cute lil OC to be cherished and spoiled and obsessed over. I want to write a lot with you, a few paragraphs per response I have kinks, but I won't put em all here and make this post longer than it already is as well as to follow community guidelines.

    So, my partner, I'd like to brainstorm with you. Would you want to play a wealthy shogun? Perhaps one that offers Fuyuko a place to stay....

    Ahh, I'm excited! Please message me or comment if any of this interests you, or if you want to hear about my other characters! I mostly like to rp off site. Thank you!

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