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  • Need a Dom? Inquire inside!

    Hello, I am a 24 year old male looking for some new partners to role play with. I have been doing this for around 7 years but have been writing for much longer. My typical reply will be 1-3 paragraphs, depending on what is happening in the story, and what my partner sends me to work with.

    As far as ideas go, I’m open to just about anything and will likely be interested in what you propose. I typically am not a fan of fandom stories because I find it harder to get into my character, but with a compelling enough plot, I may be open to it.

    I sway back on forth on this often, but right now I am more interested in writing more erotic focused stories. Just in one of those moods!

    Below are some very basic concepts that I am interested in, but if you have other ideas, we can definitely discuss them. I like to start with basic stories and then the two of us can build in more details. Also, I only role-play in PMs as well.

    Potential plots:
    Master x slave (will play either of these roles)
    Kidnapper x kidnapped (less experience playing the latter but not against it!)
    Step brother x Step sister (any kind of step-relative will do)
    Queen x servant
    Succubus x male sex slave (very interested in this one)

    When it comes to kinks, I would rather we discuss that over PM and see if we have similar interests. Send me a message if interested!

    Also, here is a writing sample for the start of an Incubus x Female sex slave story:

    The creature led the woman into his apartment and closed the door behind them. So easy, as it always was when tempting human females. Of course, it was hardly a fair fight. When he wanted companionship, one glance is all it took for any woman to feel weak at the knees. It would start with a simple arousal. The woman would find themselves glancing over at the handsome man and struggling to hold their attention elsewhere. This would next evolve into them fantasizing about what it would be like to be intimate with that man. Twenty minutes after the initial glance, the woman would be so eager to please and be pleased by him, that they would follow him as he left whatever public space the two had met in.

    That is exactly what happened tonight as well. The woman walked further into this stranger's apartment, not once contemplating the safety of the situation. Had she been able to think clearly, she likely would have taken note of the empty appearance of this small apartment. Near the door, there was a fridge, but no stove. In the main room there was a couch, but no tv. Contrasting these facts was the extravagance of the decorations. Old, but well preserved painting lined the walls, mostly depicting images of sex or hell. The floor was a dark, brown hardwood, which the woman's shoes tapped loudly against as she continued in.

    The creature locked and bolted the door before turning around to face the woman. "Here you are in my home, but I've yet to even properly introduce myself, my apologies. The name is Jack, but tonight, I think instead you will refer to me as master." The creature turned to the bar near the fridge and poured two glasses of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

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