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  • Need a sadistic domme!

    • EcchiText Me! Looking

    -full disclaimer I am M playing F-

    Hello all! I want to play as either a cat or bunny girl who is/becomes your character's sex/torture slave, the details as to how this happened we can figure out later, but for now I can tell you that I want and that's for you to own me, to abuse me, beat me, scratch me, bite me, cut me and torture me in any way that you see fit! On top of this I want you to tear up my pussy using abnormal and large insertions!

    A few ideas that I have are as follows:

    - I'm homeless and it's a dark and stormy night and so I've been going from door to door hoping for someone to answer my pleas, that's when I get to your door… and you can decide how things proceed from there...

    - You purchase me on the black market and have me delivered to you in a small wooden crate, once you open the crate you'll find me inside, curled up in a ball with my arms and legs tied, my mouth gagged and me eyes blindfolded, affixed to my left nipple via a pin is a little name badge and within box next to me is a deed of owner ship that specifies me as "rape meat".

    - Perhaps we already know each other in some capacity, either as sisters or just friends, we enter a relationship together and eventually it turn into the above prompt whilst remaining a deeply loving relationship.

    A little side note: I'm ok with you breaking a couple of my bones during the rp so long as we have some form of medicine or magic in order to heal me right back up, no permanent damage here please! Oh and another that means that you can revert me back to my tight virgin holes for your pleasure!

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