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    Hey Yall! Going to make this a quick one but here are a few Ideas I have atm

    Firstly Ive been really wanting to play Chun Li, Weiss, or any of the pokemon girls, so if any interest you that’d be amazing

    Secondly, although I have weiss i know nothing of the franchise so with her and chun li, either non-canon scenario or something that can introduce me to story or whatever.

    Thirdly, I would love a dmed or gmed plot, so if you have one in mine relating to any of the girls, or one in general centered around a sub female please dont be shy and reach out.

    Finally, Check my preferences and lets figure something out!

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    Going to bump this and add I really really want to play Weiss or Elesa atm! I have a potential idea that could work for either that involves a lot of recording, cute outfits, and more! Feel free to ecchitext!

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    Apologies if I am a smartass, but it might help if you specify which "Weiss". I'm assuming you mean the one from RWBY, but it feels like there is also a Weiss in street fighter or Pokémon with how you write your request.

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    Fair, I did write this pretty later at night, so I am sorry for the confusion. I do mean RWBY Weiss and Ill make sure next time it is clearer lol

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