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    I will admit I seen this scene on a pornsite and it made me want to write it out in detail... so here it is, my new idea: 

    Perverse Kitchen: My character is a young woman about 18-20 (age can be changed if you prefer it) she spends her free time working in a Japanese restaurant to save up money to go to college. The owner of the restaurant is a widowed man, he runs it with his son who is the cook. It first starts when the son/cook is in the back on his break, he watches her body move as she washes dishes. He watches her for a while and even confides in his father, where they both begin to watch her closely even giving her jobs she normally wouldnt be assigned to normally just so they can see her work her body. One day after lunch the owner locks the front doors, she is in the back washing dishes where the son is smoking a cigarette and watching her. The father joins him in watching her, but going a step farther by starting to molest her... rubbing at her ass as he slowly pulls up her uniform skirt, she whimpers and tries to shy away but she needs the job so she doesnt fight too much. She just does things like moves her body away from him, but it doesnt stop him and he starts to tease her by tugging upwards on her panties before slowly sliding his fingers downwards to play with her body. Urging his son to join him in this game, it ends up with both of them fucking and teasing her. It becomes an every day ritual between the father and son, owning and using their little waitress. After time they become bold in their ways, so much so that the father plays with her pussy while she works in front of the customers; who love the show and are also eventually given a turn with her.


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