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    (Updated 11/27/21)

    I'm gonna try some ideas I've never rolled with and something new compared to anything I've ever done with searching for role plays: One sentence (maybe more) plots with references images for inspiration! Pick a basic idea and we will build off of it. I'm also open for building something from scratch more in depth. Despite what the plots may say, I role play in third person at all times. Some may have characters that you recognize but only the ones noted with canon names will be related to that series. The more * the more I want to do it. We can talk about any specifics if you're interested.

    Warning: May include NSFW imagery. All images are for fun to set a mood and a vibe, you can use any image you want for most plots.

    Sister/Girlfriend who likes to dress up. And it's Iyvlas. *** (Modern)

    Does... She really work here now..? ** (Workplace, modern)

    We've heard tales of each other but I've never crossed swords with a rival pirate captain... (Pirates, fantasy, smut heavy)

    My friend's sister has teased me since we were young. ** (Modern)

    Everyone says she's ugly but I can't stop thinking about her. *** (Modern, workplace, smut heavy)

    ANYTHING with her. ***** (Modern? Smut heavy, comedy?)

    CodeMiko - Version 3.5 Panic! ** (Comedy, modern)

    Dealing with my personal demons..**** (Comedy, modern, smut heavy)

    So I guess I own a cat now ... Or a kitten. *** (Comedy, modern, smut heavy)

    Téa came back to town and Yugi was nowhere to be found. *** (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    She came a long way for treasure and hired me as a guide... She's in over her head. **** (Adventure, modern)

    This orc joined our party ... Or this warrior. ***** (Fantasy, smut heavy, probably anal heavy, femdom possible but not required)

    New Horizons?? *** (Animal Crossing, romance?)

    Fazbear's new guard is a babe ... And a fucking psycho that I have to share a night shift with... *** (Five Nights at Freddy's, horror)

    I met them at a con... ** (Smut heavy)

    The girl with the laptop in the coffee shop. ***** (Romance, modern)

    My childhood crush is a witch?! ** (Modern, fantasy)

    My commanding officer in the King's Guard. ** (Fantasy, war)

    Silent Hill **** (Horror, smut heavy)

    I started dating this really sweet girl... So it turns out she's a wrestler... *** (Romance, action)

    I have more descriptive plots in mind:

    A cyberpunk future where new model synthetic beings have become nearly indistinguishable from organics. An agent on a force assigned to register them makes his way through a prejudice new world. **** (Cyberpunk, action)

    A group of friends heads across the country to find an abandoned carnival. They should have stayed home. (This is a horror.) ***** (Modern, horror)

    Partner agents (of the "men in black" urban legends, not the movies) travel around the globe to investigate sightings of things that cannot be explained rationally. This is a role play with cryptids, monster girls/boys, extraterrestrials and any other weird thing we might want to include in bizarre sexual misadventures. ***** (Modern, sci Fi/horror)

    A few friends get together and find an old board game about an adventure in a kingdom where everything is related to or made of candy and other sweets. For the fun of it, they open it up and start to play, but in the blink of an eye, they were no longer in their living room and the strong scent of sugar filled their nostrils... ***** (Fantasy, smut heavy)

    Currently Active

    Kitty's Forever Home - A depressed and unmotivated young man is pressured by friends and family to take on a pet to kickstart a responsible mentality. After adopting a young cat from a shelter, a friend of his who is very... Enthusiastic about cats, intervenes to make sure they get along very, very well.

    A Deal with Death - After being dead of a mysterious death for a year, a private investigator's soul is found by Death while drifting through the void. She offers him a second chance, which he accepts, but there is a condition. He is tethered to a manic demoness who is the only one keeping his body healthy and keeping him from withering away to what he was in the grave. The catch is, the weaker she becomes, the weaker he becomes in turn. To keep her strength up and in turn keep his body from decomposing again, she needs to regularly ingest his cum... And he thought death was complicated.



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    Commenting for now, but I saw you wanted to do a Christmas themed story and maybe we could do something with the I guess I own a kitten now… ? And Christmas stuff thrown into one story? If you’re interested, let me know!

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    10 minutes ago, Jim said:

    Commenting for now, but I saw you wanted to do a Christmas themed story and maybe we could do something with the I guess I own a kitten now… ? And Christmas stuff thrown into one story? If you’re interested, let me know!

    I'm trying something really hard not to ask if I can call you Jimothy.

    That'll be a maybe! If you've got a specific idea about where that could start and go send me a message about it.

    The holiday ideas I'm cooking up are more like sexually twisted versions of classic holiday stories, maybe all coexisting in one world rather than being serious. Maybe the mains could be a naughty or nice "boy and girl" (friends, strangers, siblings) navigating this crazy world after ending up there by some bizarre circumstance. Magic and shit. But it's something I'm still sort of working out, I don't want it to be super deep or thought out like I try to with most role plays, I definitely want it to be loose enough for anyone to enjoy but I also don't want it to be TOO stupid. And it also seems similar to my erotic candy land idea.

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    I should STILL really update this lmao.

    RIP to whatever happened to the perfect partner to play a manic demoness 😩


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