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    [M4A PLAYING FEMALE] The amazing world of pokemon! A NSFW adventure(pokephilia main interest)


    Hello! And thanks for reading this new rp! I hope it catches some eyes and allows us to start our amazing journey in the newest region of Pokémon! This region is called The sin region! It is based off the USA! (Horrible at making a region name) in this rp I’m looking for a female who is ok being taken by big Pokémon! As well as play some female Pokémon at times! I will gm the battles and we will discuss how everything works with them in dms!  Since the region is based on America there is 16 gym leaders and 9 elite members plus 1 champion !  I’m looking for a longer term rp with this one it is going to be smut heavy but it will have lots of story and battles so if you don’t like smut heavy story it’s not for you!


    The story will start with you just turning 18 the legal age for Pokémon trainers in this region as with the new laws and rules set by the current champion every battle ends with the loser being fucked by the other teams Pokémon! Now to be fair the boys only have to fuck female Pokémon and girls the males! Unless they want to fuck the other gender! Trainers also have the chance to offer up a Pokémon to take the rape instead on the lose this is for female Pokémon only for this offer!


    Your story will start with telling me your name height body type (if a reference that’s better ) and then you will head on down to the lab! Where the professor will explain everything how to catch Pokémon how to train! And then let you choose from quite the list of starter Pokémon! And then your adventure will begin! 


    I hope this catches some people’s eyes and I can’t wait for the DMS! Ask me any questions and please read the disclaimer below!



    This rp I have only a few MANDATORY KINKS  anal stomach bulging and huge cocks/insertions as well as clearly beast and different cock styles(knots horse barbed stuff like that non human) when I say huge I’m talking 18inches to max 3 feet in cock! My other kinks are below!


    My kinks are anal,ass to mouth, , sloppy/messy oral and face fucking, , innocent girls, non con,  degrading and humiliation, dominate men , bigger on small. And cock worship


    Sub categories!

    A: unrealistic cocks 18+ inches, stomach bulge and sexual pain nothing better then big cocks causing pain, rimming my ass love when girls eat guy butt

    B:toilet play all of it vomit to scat farting all of it , musk/smell play, heavy degradation

    😄 monsters and  anthro! monsters and beast.. nothing but weird cocks knots flared horse cocks and large penetrations, this also will have sexual pain 


    Limits:gore vore snuff and overly slutty! I love an innocent broken bitch



     Ask for other ways to rp in dms! But I do prefer DM ON Reddit! 


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